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Los Simpsons - Dead Bart 7g06 - FANMADE Creepypasta is a Spanish YouTube video posted by the user SergioFTV on December 9, 2016. The video serves as an adaptation of the Dead Bart creepypasta while also featuring a screamer towards the end.

The video opens with a Spanish warning screen which can roughly translate as: "WARNING: The content that is displayed may be sensitive to some viewers. This is a remake of a creepypasta using images from The Simpsons."

The screen fades to black, and right before the screamer starts, a very brief Spanish message appears already dismissing the video as fake. The opening to The Simpsons appears, starting off with Lisa biking home, followed by the rest of the family arriving as well. For the time being, things are pretty normal, until the credits are displayed, when the video suddenly cuts to color bars and to the beginning of the episode showing Homer nudging a sleeping Bart. Bart then wakes up with red eyes silently screaming before his family appears to likely inform him of the plane trip described in the story.

They then board a plane and take off with Five Nights at Freddy's sound effects replacing the dialogue. Shortly thereafter, Bart grabs one of the plane's phones and hurls it at the window, causing him to get sucked out and hang onto the aircraft for dear life. As Marge screams in shock, Bart loses his grip and falls to the ground with a splat. The scene ends with graphic fan art of Bart on the ground missing an eye.

Next, back home, the remaining Simpsons are shown crying over Bart's death one by one as odd images flash in the background. They then head over to the First Church of Springfield, where Bart's funeral is being held where they pay their respects, followed by a scene of Bart's coffin being taken to the graveyard.

A caption then appears with the text "One year later". After the caption, a clip of The Simpsons are now starved with Maggie nowhere to be found and Springfield being an abandoned wasteland. The family decides to visit Bart's grave, and when they get there, Homer and Marge break down while Lisa pulls her eyes out randomly. Suddenly, Bart appears on his bed roaring with the same scream from the K-fee commercials. The video pans over various graves; all of them showing the same death date before showing fan art of a deformed, melted version of The Simpsons on their couch with Bart included. The video ends with a caption with the text "The Simpsons" on a black background.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

  • youtube.com/watch?v=9dBiuPy5W44



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