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Poochee and Pansy is an ARG-related web series that focuses on two puppies trying to save a cat from an evil witch. The premiere episode, uploaded to YouTube in 2009, contains a screamer. However, this is only the beginning of what the series becomes. The series includes a plethora of disturbing imagery and eerie footage. The series consists of only seven episodes. On January 15, 2010, episode 2 of Poochee and Pansy was deleted by YouTube moderators for unknown reasons and was restored five years later. The creator appealed to restore the original upload, but the appeal was rejected.

According to Eric B. Wise (ScareTheater), the series was created to recruit viewers for an alternate reality game called: "Hunt for the Gangadiddle". This game was spread around 4chan on a relatively unknown date to recruit users to uncover the mystery of Gangadiddle.[1] (See the "Trivia" section below for more information.)


The series consists of the following episodes:

Episode 1: The Quest for the Midnight Crown

In the first episode, a narrator introduces our eponymous puppy characters and mentions that one-day Poochee urgently needed to tell something to Pansy. He tells her about a strange dream he had, which involves a kitten being locked up by an evil witch. She had the same dream, so Poochee concludes that because of this, the dream must be a telepathic SOS message directed at them. They prepare to venture to Sufferdark, where they come across Batwing Cave, which they must go through to reach Sufferdark. A firefly named Freddy appears and tries to lead them through the cave, however, he is interrupted by a skull with one eye along with a loud screech. There is a link to a website that can be found in the information section of the YouTube channel. In 2020, the video was remastered; it is largely the same as the original, but the screamer was removed, allowing Freddy to finish his line.

Episode 2: Danger In The Dark! ($ £Wv$ER&8765435 w%4%^$£%@£@)

The video displays a frame of Poochee and Pansy with missing facial features, shortly after the title card.

In the second episode of the series, the audience is greeted with a glitched title card that briefly displays an image of Binzo Tsujii from The Souichi Front. The episode features Poochee and Pansy missing their respective facial features of eyes and mouth, and Poochee repeating a line from the previous episode. The audio and visuals distort before cutting to footage of a person exploring a dark room and encountering ordinary household items. The Huntmaster appears at the end of the episode, reaching for the camera.

The original episode was taken down for unknown reasons, but it was later reposted, and a remastered version was released in 2021. The remastered version shows Poochee and Pansy being led into a cave by Freddy, only to discover that he is a fake rockbat. They flee and get lost in the darkness, but soon find the real Freddy, injured from a rockbat attack. Despite their intention to help him, Freddy tells them to escape as more rockbats appear. The screen fades to black after Poochee moans in pain. The scene then shifts to Poochee waking up in a witch's lair, discovering that he and Pansy were knocked out by the rockbat's venom. He realizes that Pansy is missing and calls out for her, ending the episode.

Episode 3: The Witch's Bargain

The witch's hand is about to reach out to take Pooche's eyes off.


The selected episode of the series begins with the title card displaying a momentary spooky transformation, with the text turning black, the sky turning red, and an ominous piano piece playing, before returning to normal. The narrator informs the viewers that Poochee and Pansy have reached Sufferdark to confront the witch, while a Huntmaster cartoon briefly appears in the background with visual distortion. In the witch's lair, Poochee searches for Pansy, who is hanging in a cage over a vat of green liquid. The witch offers a deal: she will release Pansy if Poochee lets her take his eyes. Despite Pansy's disapproval, Poochee agrees, as he can't think of any other way to rescue her. As the witch's hand inches closer to Poochee's face, the video cuts to footage of a fan running, a close-up of the witch, a phone off its hook beeping, and a doll's face with one eye bulging and a girl crying. The video concludes with a sinister title background and the message: "You are alone but you do not know it."

A remastered version of the episode was released in 2022, in which the witch's appearance was redesigned to resemble The Cryptkeeper. When the witch's hand approaches Poochee's face, Pansy screams "No!" and the video cuts to black with a squishing noise. When the video resumes, Poochee screams in pain as the witch takes his right eye, while Pansy's cries create a soundwave that intensifies in volume and surrounds the cage. The episode ends at this point.

Episode 4: The Witch's Eye (ぷちとパンジー。第4章。魔女の目)

Japanese version of the title card in the fourth episode.

The episode begins with a Japanese title card (which translates to "The Witch's Eye"), with English subtitles appearing shortly after. The title card is distorted several times, creating a creepy atmosphere. The Japanese narrator informs the viewer that Poochee and Pansy have already defeated the witch and are on a mission to save a kitten, but two flashes of the eyeless witch with a scream in the background hint at the dark turn the episode takes. Poochee and Pansy are seen standing in front of a locked door, which Poochee claims is where the kitten is being held. He reveals that he's wearing the witch's eye over his own, which allows him to see through the door. However, the shot of the door distorts, and the text "Cannot hide" briefly appears, foreshadowing the disturbing events to follow. The video then cuts to footage of icicles, accompanied by a low-pitched beeping sound, followed by a shot of someone walking in the snow. They discover the text "Find You" written in the snow, which transforms into a white animated picture slowly turning red. The image then returns to live-action, and we see The Huntmaster reaching for the screen, followed by a close-up of the icicles. On a black background, red text appears, reading "Everyone in your world is dead but you. Only you exist." The video ends with a flash of the white text "FIND YOU."

Episode 5: (Unnamed)

Pooche and Pansy rescues the kitten they have been searching for.

The video begins with The Huntmaster addressing the viewer, warning them that they "cannot hide." After a glitchy title screen, a series of unsettling images are shown, including a cowering man, a dog with sharp teeth, and footage of the house from a previous episode. The episode title is obscured by a black censor panel. More disturbing images follow, including Smile Dog, Binzo Tsujii, and the witch with no eyes from the previous episode. The Huntmaster reappears, and his body flails wildly accompanied by loud distortion noises. The episode proper begins with two yellow eyes in a dark doorway, which Poochee identifies as the kitten they have been searching for. The animals stare at each other for an extended period before the scene cuts to a montage of random and unsettling clips, including an evil Poochee, the skull screamer, and footage from the Disney short "The Story of Menstruation." The title screen appears again, featuring a stylized "G." The "Menstruation" footage returns, with the girl's reflection coming to life and smiling at the screen. The scene zooms in on the reflection as the girl's smile becomes more menacing, and a loud roar is heard. The scene then cuts to inside the house, where the message "All dead" is written in blood-red on the wall near some pictures. We then see someone walking in the woods and entering an area with many tree stumps, which is compared to a cartoon forest drawing. Poochee warns the viewer that what is on TV is real, and everything else is make-believe. The "Menstruation" girl's face appears again with a loud scream, followed by the full version of the first line: "You cannot hide from the truth." The video ends with the stylized "G" from earlier appearing once more.

Episode 6: Message from the Gangadiddle (Message from the Gxx%$£^$)

The title card with "Gangadiddle" is blurred out in Mosiac
The uncensored version of the title card.

In this episode, the spotlight is on a spine-tingling chapter of an alternate reality game that revolves around the enigmatic creature, Gangadiddle. The video starts with eerie audio and visuals of a swaying object before the title emerges with glitches and distorted narration and music. Although the episode's heading is partly hidden, eagle-eyed viewers can make out "Gangadiddle", the name of the creature. The episode proceeds with Poochee, Pansy, and the kitten at their home, where Poochee reads a scroll that appears suddenly. However, before he can identify the sender, the footage shifts to an illustration of the creature, which promptly distorts. Next, a live-action figure of the Gangadiddle appears on a table, followed by a jack-in-the-box with a panda's face that plays "Brahms Lullaby" and then emits a scream. The house is also scanned, and during this sequence, shots of the skull screamer and the doll from previous episodes are shown. The Huntmaster emerges on the screen, extending his hand towards the viewer, followed by a montage of disturbing clips from past episodes. The video concludes with the message, "You must find it to become free!" The suspenseful and enigmatic ambiance of this episode, as well as its connection to the larger ARG, distinguishes it as a noteworthy installment in the series.

Episode 7: Rxxx 6 Cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx

The "G" that flashes at the end of the video.

In this episode, the video opens with the usual title screen, which then fades away to reveal the episode title, "Part 7", with a man's face covering the rest of the text. Poochee, Pansy, and the kitten are then seen on the screen, smiling cutely to the sound of calming piano music. However, this peaceful scene is interrupted by a detailed shot of the kitten's head on a flashing background accompanied by a loud meow. The episode then cuts to a computer processing data before returning to the trio, but this time the sky is dark, and Pansy and the kitten are missing their faces, while Poochee's eyes are gone. He repeats the cryptic message he delivered in the fifth episode. The video then cuts to footage of someone walking through their backyard, with eerie sounds and a shot of a worm crawling on the person's arm. The episode ends with the foreboding title screen displaying the text "David's mind traverses many parallels. His memories will help you." The screen then displays the code XRZ 9hOUIFec, followed by a flash of the letter G, signifying the end of the series.


Special Announcement

The video opens with the Dolst Family Entertainment logo and a message from the characters Poochee, Pansy, and the witch, reassuring viewers that what is shown on TV is not real and that they should not be afraid. However, the video then distorts and the characters transform into sinister forms: Poochee and Pansy become demon dogs, while the witch becomes The Huntmaster. The viewer is then bombarded with a series of bizarre images, including the doll head, the witch, the text "You are alone," birds flying by cars, the skull screamer, the house footage tinted red, and the repeated phrase "Trying to reach you." A voice is heard reciting a quote from the classic horror film Night of the Living Dead, describing a mass extinction event in Earth's history and murder victims being devoured by their killers. The video then cuts to footage of someone walking through a hospital hallway, with the title screen appearing just as the person reaches the doors. The "All dead" text flashes briefly before the video abruptly ends, leaving the viewer with a sense of unease and uncertainty.

The Sequel

The channel announces the sequel: "Poochee and Pansy 2" at approximately 3:30 AM. However, it is revealed that it was some hacker using the alias: "The Technician", They uploaded a fraudulent video that falsely claimed, the video was immediately deleted by the creator, upon regaining access to the channel, and quickly apologize to the viewer by uploading this particular video.


  • Poochee - is a light brown puppy with black eyes, a short tail, and long ears. He's appeared in every episode to date
  • Pansy - Pansy is a light grey puppy with folded ears, shiny black eyes, a black nose, a short tail, and a pink bow on her head, she appears in every episode just like Poochee.
  • The Kitten - The Kitten is an orange cat with pointy ears, a pink nose, whiskers, bright yellow eyes, and a long skinny tail. He was captured by the Witch before the events of episode 1 and sent a message to Poochee and Pansy through their dreams, since being saved by the two puppies, the Kitten became friends with them.


  • The Witch - is an old pale green-skinned lady with one (used to be two) bloodshot eyes and one black bleeding eye with a red pupil. She has black hair with white streaks on it. (who appears to resemble both Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist and Jeff The Killer), She has a purple robe with black triangles on the bottom. She also is sometimes seen wearing a purple witch/wizard hat. She's appeared in many episodes, but not all of them
  • The Huntmaster - The Huntmaster is a man wearing a black hoodie (blue in animation) and the white, featureless mask obscuring his face, as well as gloves matching his hoodie. he appears when the disturbing images come, or at the start.
  • Narrator - As the name implies, narrates the beginning and end of every episode of the show. Not much else is known about him as of now, the narrator only appears in the first episode.


After the ARG ended, the channel started remastering their original videos. Unlike the originals, this remaster does not contain screamers and is meant to be how the show was supposed to be.


  • The series was not created or aired by Dolst.
  • In The Episode's title card in the sixth episode, the text was blurred out except for the: "Message from the" part, the viewer can immediately pause at the right time before the text was blurred out, and the text was revealed to be: "Ganggadiddle", the word itself leads to a YouTube channel called: "Nathan Israel".
  • The recent video has a link to the official Dreamaxion site.
  • Much of the background music is stock music from Kevin MacLeod.


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NOTE: The following videos contain screamers and flashing lights!

  • youtube.com/watch?v=P4yrKDNVnJg
  • Permalink: bit.ly/2UVPC2D
  • Second Episode (Permalink): tinyurl.com/poocheeandpansy2
  • Third Episode (Permalink): tinyurl.com/poocheeandpansy3
  • Fourth Episode: youtube.com/watch?v=MEAeFgvCEkE
  • Fifth Episode: youtube.com/watch?v=AbxTAyI0NB4
  • Sixth Episode: youtube.com/watch?v=NVv9ZFt0Mig
  • Seventh Episode: youtube.com/watch?v=il4DGJxZRv4


NOTE: The following videos do not contain screamers.

  • First Episode: youtube.com/watch?v=LiMvx_MtW5o
  • Second Episode: youtube.com/watch?v=qoyx2c1TxK0
  • Third Episode: youtube.com/watch?v=QdoTj3HTDEw



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