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The following article contains content that some may find shocking.
Reader discretion is advised.
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Glory Hole Foundation was a bait and switch shock site which disguised itself as a nonprofit golf and country club community. The site even had a YouTube[1] and Twitter[2] account to further disguise itself as a trustworthy website.

The website has a white background displaying the Glory Hole Foundation logo above a green "Enter Website" button. Once the button was clicked, the site displayed a short GIF of two naked men having anal sex, accompanied by loud audio of a man moaning. There is also a malicious script in the source code of the site that opened a popup window that duplicates itself and bounces around the screen, displaying the same GIF shown on the main page. The viewer could easily leave the site by using Task Manager to exit the browser.


The website was created in early 2015 and was an invention of "Prank Call Nation". It was notably used in prank calls and Twitch streams, the point of the site was to mislead the victim into believing Glory Hole Foundation was a legitimate not-for-profit organization. Users on 4chan eventually discovered the website, and began using it in bait and switch pranks on Twitch streamers, similar to

Glory Hole Foundation also had a second website called "Desk Corporate IT", which was used to target people interested in technology. If the "Enter Website" button was clicked, the same thing would happen.




NOTE: The following website contains pornography, and may also harm your computer!

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