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Windows XP Horror Edition

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Windows XP Horror Edition is a screamer application created by WobbyChip.

The application's icon which has a Windows XP logo in red icon. When the user launches the program a fake Windows XP update is installed. after 66% appearing error message "Setup cannot copy the file ntdll.dll set up will use file 666.Sys" When pressed OK, the background turned red and the Windows XP logo replaced with "Don't Look Behind You." and music from the background turned into creepy music. The first jumpscare when updated is finished the screen suddenly distorts the whole screen with a loud static sound effect. After that, the computer is not really booting up a fake Windows XP Horror Edition boot screen. Then the computer into the logon screen just passes without selecting an account, goes to the Welcome screen alone, side with Eye picture and then the computer is a startup. the desktop background high resolution skull image and you will see scary looking doll at split second pop up and sound from background more like MrsMajor. they had a selection of 3 fake applications

First screamer a notepad file "DON'T OPEN ME!!!" when you will launches a text says "CONGRATULATION YOU OPENED ME DO YOU WANNA PLAY GAME OKAY THEN LOOK BEHIND YOU After all few seconds a Granny attacks you with loud scream then player dies and returns to desktop.

Second screamer when press start button known as "DEAD" on the right side, a distorted text screen goes black out and then a door appears. However the door is open and there becomes a jumpscare for a few seconds, a write in blood says "GO TO SLEEP", then returns to the desktop.

jpg file name "NOTHING" which opens the picture instead of playing an animation in full screen is an urban legend story?.

then a Red Screen of Death is a BSOD Parody but shows error code 0x666666666 and then it is BSOD appearing and the computer reboot will show "'I'M WATCHING YOU" with creepy music from the background then the computer is completely unbootable because the MBR was overwritten and the windows could not boot again.



NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

  • [http]://


NOTE: The following virus can kill your PC. If you're planning to run this, run on a virtual machine instead! Also, this contains screamers!

  • [http]://


Anonymous user #1

4 months ago
Score 0++
hello what am i doing in life? please let me know thank you.

Anonymous user #2

4 months ago
Score 0++
I wont be using Windows XP ever again.

Anonymous user #3

2 months ago
Score 0++
this scares me

Anonymous user #4

22 days ago
Score 0++
I use it on my real computer and my computer was been destroied. I was been a little scared of virus. I needed to reinstall my windows. DO NOT RUN THIS ON YOUR REAL COMPUTER! Run it only on virtual machine.

Anonymous user #5

19 days ago
Score 0++
WARNING!!!! do not use without the virtual machine
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