Tim Allen's Sexy Strip Poker

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Tim Allen's Sexy Strip Poker is a joke program by Leurak, the creator of the infamous MEMZ virus. It is a modified version of his joke program, Bonzify. Vargskelethor Joel , a popular streamer on Vinesauce, reacted to TASSP.[1]

When launched, the .png and .jpg files will be changed into images of Tim Taylor and are named "AEUHHH?", a reference to the actor Tim Allen's signature grunting in Home Improvement. When the user reboots the computer while the virus runs, the computer will stay on a black screen for a few seconds until a picture of Tim flashes along with a loud scream, followed by a BSOD screen. There are no links since Joel was only given to give a reaction about the virus itself.


  1. youtube.com/watch?v=-g15kUcaXFQ - Joel's Reaction. Longer version seen here: youtube.com/watch?v=Zl9Sez4DaUg



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