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ABANTES is a ransomware that runs on Microsoft Windows. ABANTES has not received wide distribution, even though ABANTES poses a significant threat to computer users, the program does contain a screamer.


ABANTES' attack consists of two components: a screen locker, a visual component, and a background attack. ABANTES is most commonly found on computers running the Windows operating system. the program is designed to carry out its attack on Windows 7, but it is also capable of infecting more recent versions of Windows.

The attack of ABANTES will open a program window called 'rules' and change the mouse pointer icon. it will replace the desktop wallpaper image with Clown Doll from Poltergeist, a reboot of the 1982 film with the same name, and icons on the infected computer will be replaced with a red square with the words 'abantes was here' in black lettering. The message is displayed in the 'rules' program window associated with ABANTES: 

1. Don't Try To Kill Any Processes
2. Don't Try To Edit Entries In MSCONFIG
4. Don't Scan Your PC With A Antivirus
Because It May Delete Virus Files and Your PC Will Die
If You Break The Rules
Your PC Will Become Unusable

ABANTES will use a strong encryption algorithm in the background to encrypt the victim's files in order to hold them hostage. While the user is attempting to close the ABANTES program window, the program will launch an attack on the user-generated files, encrypting numerous media files, databases, and other documents. 


  • Removal (also contained the scary image): pcthreat.com/parasitebyid-96959en.html



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