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ABANTES is a ransomware that runs on Microsoft Windows. ABANTES has not received wide distribution, even though ABANTES poses a significant threat to computer users, the program does contain a screamer. It was made by ElektroKill and Chris.

ABANTES is a malicious program that attacks computers running Windows OS, with the ability to infect even the latest versions. Its attack includes a screen locker, a visual component, and a background encryption algorithm. Once installed, ABANTES replaces the desktop wallpaper image with the Clown Doll from Poltergeist, and icons on the computer are changed to a red square with the message "abantes was here" in black lettering. The program window called 'rules' is also opened, with instructions not to kill any processes, edit MSCONFIG entries, or scan the PC with an antivirus. Breaking these rules would render the PC unusable. In the background, ABANTES uses a strong encryption algorithm to encrypt the victim's files, including media files, databases, and documents, effectively holding them hostage.


  • Removal (also contained the scary image): pcthreat.com/parasitebyid-96959en.html
  • Showcase video: youtube.com/watch?v=zCSABiQRaCw



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