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The following article contains content that some may find shocking.
Reader discretion is advised.
This page is about a screamer or shock site which doesn't appear to exist anymore.
If you have any copies of this, please add them to the page., also known as Internet Hell, was an infamous screamer website registered in New Zealand on August 25th, 2007. This website was linked in multiple forums on Newgrounds.[1] The oldest discovery was deleted off the forum for unknown reasons. As of 2017, the site is no longer active.

The creator was revealed to be DragonRage9001, who claimed himself to be the creator of the site when he noticed the many threads regards about the site.[2]


The website contained a picture of a demon screaming, followed by NSFW content, and accompanied by an extremely loud screech. A script on the site would open numerous unclosable pop-ups.

The earliest archive of the site simply shows a blank page, then redirects to "".


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NOTE: The following link may contain a screamer, and may also harm your computer!




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