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Clock Crew Quiz is a screamer prank created by OMEGATRON and uploaded onto Newgrounds. It pretends to be a quiz that asks a series of "insane" questions to answer.

Once the game begins, the flash prompts the first question: "Who is the king of the Portal?" and provides four options for each question: Strawberry Clock, Josh Bedn, Tom Fulp, and George Bush. The correct answer is Strawberry Clock. Next, the second question is shown, that being: "Who was the first clock"? The same four options are shown, and once again, Strawberry Clock is the answer. However, when the question "Who is from Canada?" is revealed, a distorted image of a woman's face appears and screams along with a Giygas sound effect from the video game Earthbound, while the sound effect is looped in the background.

The Clock Crew (as the title suggests) refers to people who make Flash animations for Newgrounds. Strawberry Clock is, in fact, a fictional nickname of sorts for the creator of this game.

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NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

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