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The following article contains content that some may find shocking.
Reader discretion is advised.

Meaning of Life 2006 is a flash screamer animation published on the website by a user named Xylakant on 2006,

It appears to be a rather substandard Flash presentation talking philosophically about the meaning of life, asking generic questions like “Why are we here?” and “What is life to you?”, with a bunch of blurry photos in the background. Calming music from the game Splinter Cell 3 plays at a low volume throughout it. This goes on for several slides, until a simple black slide with white text appears, saying “Then you will understand”.

After that, a picture of a skull boiling in a Gorey goo-like substance appears, slightly zooming in and out, accompanied by a continuously looping scream while several flashing texts appear, saying: “Rock and metal sucks!!!”; “All gay males are paedophiles and have AIDS!!!”; “George W. Bush is a massmurder!!!” (sic); “That's all true!!! I swear!!! OMFG!!!”.

Meaning of Life 2006 P.2

Xylakant made a sequel to this flash on June 12, 2006, simply titled Meaning Of Life 2006 P.2. It does not include a screamer; instead, it's a simple joke animation about Tom Fulp (founder of and his brother Wade, represented by moving photos, creating an animation containing a bawdy “song”, which includes some adult imagery. Both the dialogue and the song are narrated by Microsoft Sam.

The beginning of the flash is similar to the original, but after the first slide, it says “OK, f*** that. Let's see what Wade and Tom Fulp are doing.”, and cuts to the actual animation, the sequel was removed.



NOTE: The following animation contains a screamer with flashing lights!




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