The Maze of DEATH

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The Maze of Death series is a set of maze games that primarily focuses on a player to control the mouse all the way of 4 or more levels, they have similar tasks like in the original game The Maze. The series started on December 28th, 2008 by Emby, and ended in Feb 16, 2009.

Maze of DEATH series

Maze of DEATH

In the first game, it starts with a white background with some text and a green dot, the text states that the game is just a "mouse avoider game" followed by another text telling to not touch the walls, but if the player does, they have to start over, to play the game, the player must simply roll over the green circle and click, the walls are very sparse, the first level's theme was blue, the second was orange, the third is dark-red, and the last is black and cyan.

According to the Description, the creator noted that there are "a lot of levels, like 20", However, when the player almost completes the level, at which point a picture of a skeleton with only one eye and hair appears along with a loud screech, after the screamer, the creator asks the player to rate the level 5 starts.


The game is basically like in the previous game, but the difference of that, which all of the maze are pitch-dark and the player is given a flashlight to find a way.


Maze of DEATH IV

Maze of DEATH V


NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

  • Second game:
  • Third game:
  • Fourth game:
  • Fifth game:



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