The Maze of DEATH

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The Maze of DEATH
Maze Of Death Main Menu.png
Maker: Emby
Type: Flash game
Release date: Dec 28th, 2008

The Maze of DEATH is a flash game made by Emby on Newgrounds on Dec 28th, 2008, it is the same creator of Game of Coolness.

The Game, of course, has the same tasks given to the player as the original The Maze, the objective is to not hit or touch the walls, while navigating through the given path within the maze to reach the red color, if the player touches it, will lead back to the beginning, when the player starts, the main menu is displayed, containing 2 texts that tell that the game is based on a mouse avoider game, just like the original The Maze that was based on, followed by another text that tells the player to click on the green-textured cube to start the main gameplay,

After staring, the maze is colored blue, and the walls are notably sparse, after completing one level, the walls are already getting closer(as the name title implies), the third level is demonic-themed, the description tells that the game consists of 20 levels, but there are only 4 levels in the game, and there is no audio playing which is mentioned in the game description, the descriptions lies, this makes the player cheat, When the player completes the last level, at which point a picture of zooming in and out a picture of a skeleton with only one eye and hair.

Being a popular game during its time, it has been given many sequels, such as The Maze of DEATH 2, 3, IV and V.



NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!



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