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The Maze of DEATH series is a set of Flash games created by Emby on Newgrounds. The series debuted on December 28, 2008, and ended on February 16, 2009. It follows the format of The Maze.

List of Maze Games

Maze of DEATH

The first game kicks off with a clean and simple design, featuring a white background along with text instructions and a green dot. The text introduces the game as a "mouse avoider game" and advises players against making contact with the walls. If players accidentally touch the walls, they are required to start over. To start the game, players only need to hover their cursor over the green circle and click. The walls are thoughtfully spaced out and ensures players encounter a challenge in guiding the dot. The levels include thematic variations, including blue, orange, dark-red, and a combination of black and cyan, all corresponding accordingly.

In the game's description, the creator alludes to a number of levels, specifically around 20. However, as players near level completion—especially if they attempt to cheat, a screamer appears. The screamer features a zoom-in and out image of a skeleton figure with a solitary eye and hair, accompanied by an incredibly loud screech later used in Emby's screamers. The game fades out to a text in which the creator invites the player to rate the level with a 5-stars.

MAZE of DEATH 2 & 3

This sequel picks up where the previous game left off while bringing in a different gameplay mechanic. The player equips themselves with a flashlight to navigate through mazes cloaked in darkness. As players advance and near the end of the final level, the gameplay transforms into a boss-fight scenario. In this stage, the player confronts a witch-like mask that comes complete with a health bar. Interestingly, the scream from the previous game is used when the boss fight appears. In the third game, the formula remains similar to the second one. Players are tasked with collecting three power gems, while using a flashlight to guide their way through the game's challenges.

Maze of DEATH IV

The game starts off with a player left in a grey maze, the player equips themselves with a flashlight once again to navigate through the dark mazes and the game claims that it is almost out of batteries. The first level is grey, the second one being green, while the third and final level are blue. Once the final level is completed, the gameplay switches to a scene where the player askes "where is she", they turn to look and then the text "huh?" appears. They turn around again, only to reveal the same zooming in and out picture of the skeleton figure, accompanied with a loud scream. The game ends with text saying "to be continued" and "coming soon".

Maze of DEATH V

In this final maze game, the viewer is presented with glowing drawn out text. The player must press the shift key to start the first part of the game, and must navigate through 4 levels using the I,J,K,L keys, touching the walls also appears to do absolutely nothing. The game rewards the viewer if they manage complete all levels, but after this, a frightening picture of a green witch-like mask appears with a loud scream, just like the previous game. However, this screamer will also appear if the player attempts to cheat.


NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

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