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Sad Jerry, also known as Hot Dirty Furry Girls was a screamer animation created by a user TrickyClock on November 24, 2005.

The animation starts with a cemetery with a soft song from Queen (We Are The Champions) in the background. It zooms into a tombstone that says, " We all miss Jake in peace." A blue figure walks up to the tombstone and sheds a tear. The screen fades out. Then it shows the blue man using a knife to cut open a tiny bit of one of his wrists.

After a short second, the screen cuts into a flashing black and white background with a text-based frown, a mutilated cow head hanging and swinging from a hook with an ear-shattering scream. This does not loop. This screamer's scream is notably louder than most of the others on this list. The scream is still loud on the lowest volume setting, so we recommend that you turn your speakers way down for this one.

The user is also a member of the Clock Crew and friends with FatBadger. He participated in many collabs such as Clock Day 2006, Duck Club, The Jesus Club, and The Dance collab.


NOTE: The following animation contains a screamer with flashing lights!




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