My Grandmother's Murder

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My Grandmother's Murder is a flash screamer animation uploaded on Newgrounds by Zephret in 2004. The preloader for the flash opens with a passage about why the uploader decided to make the video, and how difficult it was to produce, because of the uploader's emotional distress over the titular murder of their grandmother, Elizabeth Rose Connor.

In the small text below this passage, it says "Originally I did voice record, but several times I broke down and cried whilst doing so. Therefore, I have used a digital voice. My apologies for the inconvenience. Caution: This flash may contain disturbing images of my grandmother." This is bait to tempt the viewer to turn up their volume, but also potentially clues the viewer in about the flash's true nature. From there, the animation shows a picture of the titular grandmother Elizabeth Rose Connor, with some memorial text being read very quietly by a Speakonia text-to-speech voice; it then slowly details what happened, leading to her death. The story claims she picked up a hitchhiker on the road and took the hiker home for a cup of coffee, all the while ambient music plays in the background to prompt a volume increase.

The flash then pans to a picture of a house and details text of how the hitchhiker proceeded to stab her with a knife, when all of a sudden, a heavily blurred picture of the face of what seems to be a human corpse pops up with a high pitched female scream. If one looks closely, the screamer image is very small, but visible in the house window before it pops up. The flash then ends by saying "Got you! Send this to your friends and scare them! Use the link below." It can be assumed the entire story is fake, and that the lady in the story is of no relation to the video uploader.


NOTE: The following link contains a screamer!

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