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The Chiyo Chan Colab
Maker: FatBadger and Brick-Toppp
Type: Flash game
Release date: 2006

The Chiyo Chan Colab (Misspelling of Collab) is a series of spam flash animations created on Newgrounds, with some hidden screamers, made by FatBadger and Brick-Toppp.

For the most part, it's just a flurry of poorly made references to Azumanga Daioh character Chiyo Mihama; some with "earrape", others with crude jokes, etc. However, the fourth option contains a screamer. Once selected, it displays an image with the text "the real-life Chiyo-Chan", then slowly pans to a picture of a girl cosplaying as Chiyo-Chan.

Suddenly, it switches to a black-and-white flashing drawing of an angry face, over a distorted, pitch-shifted, and fast-paced looping scream. This is followed by TV static; another, much more distorted, electronic-sounding scream plays over the current scream, and the words: "CHIYO CHAN IS FOR FAGGOTS!!!!!" appear. This continuously loops until you go back to the main menu.

Sequels[edit | edit source]

NOTE: Two sequels were made to this "collab" contained screamers. The third option in this collab also contains "earrape", which may scare headphone users.

Second version[edit | edit source]

The second version goes along with the brick top, a poorly drawn cartoon Wade Fulp (older brother of Newgrounds creator Tom) is masturbating to Chiyo Mihama. however, the screamer will show a flashing text "Stop masturbating to Chiyo-chan, Wade".

Third version[edit | edit source]

The third version with the first option is Reverent, which has featured such as the Goatse image.

The last option starts with a Russian speaking animation featuring Chiyo Mihama, after this a few seconds, a flashing zoom in head pops up along with an electronic scream.

Links[edit | edit source]

NOTE: The following animation contains screamers with flashing lights!

  • Second version:
  • Third version:

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