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The Impossible Quiz is a game made by Splapp-me-do, the creator behind The Impossible Quiz series.

It's a short "game" made by Charcoal125. After you press play, the game will count down to 3 and a question that can barely be read will appear. After a short time passes, a flashing image of Mary Shaw will pop up with a message stating: "YOU SUCK ASS". The screamer was made in 2007, the same release year of Splapp's original Quiz. Now, the creator put a warning saying that the game was a screamer and even the thumbnail is Mary Shaw. In the info, there is a shock site to a link called Meatspin saying: "porn link".

This game became popular around 2013, yet the game was released in 2007. In the original, you have to answer more than 100 strange questions that make no sense at all, most of them having references to pop culture. There are 3 official games in the series (The original, the official version of The Impossible Quiz 2, the three-part The Impossible Quiz Book), a demo version of the first Quiz, and a 2017 Christmas special. He actually made an unofficial third Impossible Quiz as an April Fool's Day joke, called The Impossible Quack.

Splapp-me-do lives in Hull, England, and likes to draw some random characters. His animations are also referenced in the quizzes, like Cylindrical Adventures, SPACE: SERIOUS BUSINESS, and the Badly Drawn Dawg series. His catchphrase is Arts, farts, and occasionally tarts.



NOTE: The following game contains a screamer with flashing lights.

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