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Animation is the process of creating motion from a sequence of still images or frames displayed rapidly. This can be achieved through hand-drawn sketches, digital software, or manipulating real-life objects. Animated videos or films are often produced using specialized software and can be saved in various formats such as GIF, MP4, or AVI. In the context of screamers, animation may include sudden changes in content, such as loud noises, flashing images, or jump scares. Such techniques are designed to startle and scare the viewer. These techniques have been adapted for screamer videos, and several of them are commonly used.

Flash animations are short, looped sequences of graphics or images that convey a message, tell a story, or showcase a design. These animations are created using a series of frames and transitions to create a moving image, and may include text, images, sound effects, and simple interactivity. Flash animations are distinct from Flash games, which are interactive applications that typically involve gameplay mechanics and require user input to progress. Therefore, "animation" specifically refers to Flash animations, whereas Flash games have a longer running time and complex interactive features.

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