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Emby or known as Hatonacat (Hat on a Cat) is a former flash creator.

Back in November of 2008, Emby made his debut on Newgrounds by publishing his first game, "Buttface Dressup v2.0" on Aug 20, 2008. Over the next few months, from September to December, Emby launched four more games, some of which received less than stellar scores. However, Maze of DEATH, one of the games he created, soon became a fan favorite, and its sequel published in 2009 garnered even more views than the original. Encouraged by this success, Emby continued to develop games with different gameplay mechanics, eventually culminating in Maze of DEATH V. However, this wasn't his final screamer as Game of Coolness was published later.[1] In March of 2009, Emby created a YouTube account under the alias "hatonacat" His channel featured a mix of content, including screamers, short films, gameplay videos, and posts about his old game "Pixel Shooter" Notably, all of Emby's screamers used audio from the first "Maze of DEATH" game, while his newer content featured him tap dancing.[2]


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