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Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

Closed Website
This article is about a website that no longer exists. Links to its archive on the Wayback Machine or a saved copy are provided. was a bait and switch shock site created with Neocities by an unknown user sometime in 2023. The website likely aimed to lure users into believing they were playing the 1993 video game Doom online, especially based off its metadata. It was eventually deleted but can still be accessed on the Wayback Machine.

This webpage has a very similar concept to and This time, it uses the same code from It displays a warning with the text "The following game will contain swearing & violence. Please leave if you are under the age of 17" along with an "ENTER" and "LEAVE" button below it. There is also a text that says "Join the discord", clicking on it takes the user to a now-defunct Discord server invite.

Clicking on either the "ENTER" or "LEAVE" button forces the browser into full-screen mode and plays a video showing a flashing image of Goatse, along with two pictures of individuals with a degloved face. There is also a flashing image on the top left corner of the video depicting a deceased dog that most likely died from roadkill. This is accompanied by one of the sound effects used in

There is a subpage to the site titled "thepasswordgame", which mirrors the content of the original Last Measure. However, the background is replaced with the same flashing gif from, modified to include the Goatse image, a skinned Chinese dog, and an image of a Harlequin Fetus. The video of a man forcing an industrial screw down his urethra is also present on the page.

Spread and History

According to the capture from July 27th, 2023, the text was shortened to "The following game will contain swearing & violence" and the video was changed to a photomontage of disturbing images and videos, including The Pain Series, images, the image, and the infamous video of a man forcing an industrial screw down his urethra. A flashing image depicting a naked man with rectal prolapse stretching his anus also appears every 3 seconds. This is accompanied by both sound effects used in

Another capture from August 28th, 2023 indicates that the site was updated again to show the same content as However, there are a few differences, the copyright notice at the bottom of the Privacy Policy says "© 2023 Kanick Games All rights reserved", the background image is "awesome.jpg" from The Pain Series, and the webpage opens a subpage called "likshe.html" (not archived) if the "Accept" button is clicked. Furthermore, the page attempted to run a script named "indexx.js", but it failed to load due to formatting errors, resulting in the display of the text <script src="indexx.js%22%3E</script> to appear. There is additionally a hidden HTML comment that can be found in the source code, which is taken from the Glue Library incident that occurred back in 2022. Eventually, the site was deleted for an unknown reason and remains in this state.

Although this website didn't gain much recognition, it was posted in the comments section of a Reddit post by u/miserable_pie0[1] and was also shared by u/XDREL under a thread asking for "active screamer links".[2]




NOTE: The following shock site contains extremely graphic content and flashing lights!

  • Original:
  • Plan B variant:
  • Thepasswordgame subpage:

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