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File Uploader is a screamer subpage made by Tankman fan 44 on June 26, 2023. It is disguised as a "free and easy to use" file hosting service.

The website's main page presents a simple layout with a gray background and prominently displays the title "File Uploader" at the top. Below it, users are provided with a "choose file" button and a "submit" button. The page also includes a section that explains its purpose and answers common questions, all of which are intended to lure users in.

However, upon clicking the "submit" button, the website redirects the user to the homepage and simultaneously opens a new tab labeled "screamer.html" in which a randomly selected screamer image rapidly flashes on the screen, accompanied by an equally random and loud screaming sound in the background (in similar fashion to At this point, it (re)uses a script that hides the user's cursor and attempts to prevent them from closing the page by displaying an alert message that tauntingly asks, "lol u scared?".

As of August 2023, the webpage was updated to include a script which makes the page transition into fullscreen mode when clicking the "submit" button as opposed to opening "screamer.html", which was later deleted. Additional images and sound effects were also added to the screamer section of the page.


NOTE: The following website contains a screamer with flashing lights!

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