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This page is about a lost screamer or shock site. If you have any copies of this, please link them here or in the comments.

Red Button was a malicious screamer webpage created by SkyBlueCat, published on Neocities on November 21, 2020, it was supposedly a remake version of Button.html.

Upon entering, the site presents a big red button with the following texts that state: "Do Not Press the Red Button", "or else you're gonna regret it." which is displayed underneath the button, Upon clicking so, will open up a dialog box that states: "Ok, are you ready?, click the blue button to continue", Upon clicking, the website will open 3 tabs that display an image of Jeff the Killer with the same scream from plays, the site also uses CSS to hide the cursor when it hovers the image.


NOTE: The following website contains a screamer, as well as a malicious script that may harm your computer!

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