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This page is about a lost screamer. If you have a copy of the screamer, please link it here or in the comments.

Micromachines.net23.net is a screamer website made by ParaPara Revolution (Mega Osodashi) in 2016.

When the site is opened, a blue page with nothing but the Micro Machines logo along with a line of text stating that the website was "for the toy line of cars and trucks.", there is a link that states: "Please click here to proceed." However, clicking on the link leads to a flashing screenshot of Lisa from the Silent Hills demo game P.T accompanied by the creator's very loud screech.

The site provides a script only to prevent users from closing the site by displaying an alert box labeled as: "Did you try to close the window?", this can only happen on Internet Explorer, but if the user uses non-IE browsers such as Chrome and Firefox result in a crash, The site was closed in November 17, 2016.

Link[edit | edit source]

NOTE: The following website contains a screamer as well as a malicious script that will harm your computer!

  • Micromachines.net23.net

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