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NightMare was a screamer program developed in 1990 by Patrick Evans for the Amiga family of personal computers. It was distributed on Amiga Fish Disk 448.[1] Evans made the program free to redistribute, and its source code was made publicly available.[2] It is generally credited to be the first software of its kind.[3]

When the program is executed, it runs in the background. Every five minutes, the screen would display a digital illustration of a skull facing right with its jaws open, its teeth covered in blood, and a bleeding bullet hole in its side, accompanied by an echoing shriek. (A low-pitched version of the stock sound effect "Scream, Man 3" and "Vocal Effects And Heartbeats - One Scream (Male)" from Valentino Vintage SFX's Vintage SFX - Horror and BBC Records' Sound Effects No. 13 - Death & Horror, respectively.)

Very little information is available regarding this program, due to how old it is, and Amiga discontinuing their line of hardware in 1996.[4]




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