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The BMEVideo announcement from BME Pain Olympics 3.

The BME Pain Olympics are a set series of promotional shock videos released by BME, short for Body Modification E-zine, beginning in 2002. BME is a website created by Canadian blogger Shannon Larratt in 1994, that is dedicated to covering extreme body modifications and erotic body play. These videos consist of genital mutilation contests, showing different people mutilating, burning, electrocuting and dilating each other's genitals, hence the name "Pain Olympics".

It was later confirmed by Larratt that the first installment was faked, but all the other sequels are actually 100% real. The promotional sequels were linked on Shannon's blog and can be downloaded and viewed off the blog's video section alongside other videos of extreme body modification. Shannon Larratt died from a rare muscular disease on March 15, 2013, aged 39.[1][2]

BME Pain Olympics (2002)[edit]

BME Pain Olympics is a short film and shock video shot on a VHS camcorder, depicting two men (played by the same person) graphically mutilating their genitals, with one man chopping off his penis with a butcher knife and another chopping off and slicing open his genitals. The song playing in the background of the video is Livin' Like A Zombie by Christian death metal band Mortification. On January 22, 2012, Shannon Larratt responded to an AMA request that was aiming to talk to "participants" confirming the video was a hoax.

BME Pain Olympics 2 (2005)[edit]

BME Pain Olympics 2 (sometimes mislabeled as BME Pain Olympics 3) was made in the Summer of 2005 and unlike the first video, was the first of three authentic videos labeled as the BME Pain Olympics. These videos were made to promote the website BMEVideo (which has now since merged with BME's main website) and show excerpts from videos that were uploaded to the site. The videos also had the notability of having music play over the disturbing clips.

The video depicts a man stretching open his anus, a man masturbating an enlarged penis (an object that looks like pickle or cucumber can be seen within the meatus), ants crawling on the man's genitals, a man hammering his own penis, a man hanging his testicles, an old man shoving a butter knife down his urethra, a man with nipple piercings inserting AA batteries on his urethra, and a man rubbing his genitals against a cactus. The music playing in the video this time were the first two tracks (4/01/05 and 4/02/05) from the experimental rock album Suspended Animation by the supergroup Fantômas.

BME Pain Olympics 3 (2007)[edit]

BME Pain Olympics 3 (also known as Spankwire) was the second and is often mistaken to be the last or even first of the BME promotional videos. The music playing in the video is a cover of Destiny's Child's Survivor that was recorded by the band Knockout for the album Punk Goes Pop. The nickname Spankwire comes from it being distributed on a porn website with the same time.

The video depicts a man lighting firecrackers in his urethra, men mutilating their genitals with scissors, wasps walking on top of genitals (a presumably stinging them), a woman stretching out her vagina, a man masturbating while his penis is on fire, a man mutilating his own penis with scissors, a man chopping off his finger, acupunctures on the man's testicles and a man with a flattened penis. The video ends with the woman from earlier hanging from a tree, while a man circles around her making absurd-looking movements. Some of the videos featured appear to have been recorded in the 1990s or early 2000s as they were shot on VHS camcorders.

BME Pain Olympics 4 (approx 2008)[edit]

BME Pain Olympics 4 is the third and last of Larrat's authentic videos. The video depicts acts that include anal prolapse, a guy beating his genitals with a hammer, a man wearing gloves inserting syringes on his penis (which is bleeding profusely), a man cutting his nipple off with a knife and a man graphically opening his urethra.

Some of the people in the video appear to be from the previous two videos, such as the man enlarging his genitalia (which has become even larger in the video and is seen out in the woods and on a beach masturbating) and the man who inserted firecrackers in his urethra (it happens again in this video, but is not as graphic as BME 3). The song playing in this video is a 1968 psychedelic rock instrumental called Crazy Circus that was made by the group Les Maledictus Sound. The video can be found on PornHub and a download link on Shannon Larrat's blog zentastic.

BME Pain Olympics 5 (?)[edit]

BME Pain Olympics 5 is an obscure video that was not posted or promoted by Shannon Larratt, making it an unnofficial addition to the BME Pain Olympic videos. It is considered by the people who have seen it to be the worst. The song playing in this video is Estilo Do Guet by rapper Black Alien. Not much is known about it, however a pixellated version of the video can be seen on YouTube through a reaction by the reactions of YouTuber Raw Reaction (it was posted on February 22, 2019). The YouTube video also contained a link to a Google Drive link to the original video, however it has been shut down for violating the terms of service.


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NOTE: The following videos contain extremely graphic images!

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