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1 Guy 1 Screwdriver, also known as 1 Man 1 Screwdriver is a shock video made by Alexey Tatarov,

The video which starts by showing a man inserting a glass inside his anus and a screwdriver in his urethra as Circumambulation of the Transendent Pillars of Singularity (a piece of music made by Burzum) plays over the video. Afterwards, the video cuts and he proceeds to pull the screwdriver out of his penis, damaging it, and causing blood to flow out of it. The full video then cuts to the puddle of blood on the floor, before the man walks into his bathroom revealing that his bathtub and sink are both filled with blood, leading to the uncomfortable implication that he's done this more than once. The ambience of this video (lighting, music) is also very disturbing. It was thought that the man that made this video also made Jarsquatter, also known as 1 Man 1 Jar. But the man who made one of his shock videos is Alexey Tatarov.


NOTE: The following shock sites contains graphic content!

  • bestshockers.com/1-guy-1-screwdriver
  • ogrish.tv/play.php?vid=148
  • shockchan.com/1-man-1-screwdriver/
  • Full Video: efukt.com/2452_1_Guy_1_Screwdriver.html


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