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Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

1 Guy 1 Chair also known as the "chair video", is a viral shock video similar to Ripple Guts of approximately 10 seconds uploaded to Twitter in the year 2021. The video was very popular on Twitter and Reddit. It generated many opinions about whether what is seen in the video is real or not, as well as if it is possible to do that without injuring yourself or ultimately damaging an organ.

Origin and content

It seems that the video was uploaded to Twitter on March 22, 2021, by the user bellendstoten2, the tweet was deleted on the same day or in the early hours of March 23, so there is no way to see the original tweet since it was not archived in the Wayback Machine either. The video was later saved and posted again on Reddit on March 23 on the board r/eyeblech by user Bananagod239 as a gif. Despite knowing the user who uploaded the video to Twitter, it is not known with certainty if the guy who appears in the video is him or someone else, so it is not known who the person who appears in the video is.

The approximately 10-second video shows a subject having sex himself with a huge dildo attached or strapped to an exercise chair, doing so 14 times while the inside is coking his stomach creating a bulge on the outside, moaning a little loud in pleasure or pain at the end of the video. The video can also be just a gif that repeats itself on a loop so it is not known if the subject inserted the dildo inside him so many times.

Ripple Guts

Ripple Guts are a series of two videos similar to each other and similar to 1 Guy 1 Chair. The first was posted on ShockSiteList.com as a gif in early 2009 and shows a guy standing up inserting an oversized dildo into his stomach causing a bulge on the outside with the song Be Your Own Pet- The Kelly Affair playing in the background, it would remain hosted until the page closed.

The second is more unknown as its existence was not known until May 2014 when it was uploaded to Bestshockers.com and was hosted there until the site closed in 2017. This second video was first uploaded to EFUKT.com on October 27, 2009, a few months later than the one uploaded to the ShockSiteList.com, which would tell us that they were recorded in the same year or before 2009.

This video has a duration of 47-seconds and is also called Ripple Guts, in which a dildo is shown stuck in a mattress so that it does not move, later the same subject appears, first inserting the dildo horizontally, then he gets on his knees and again the dildo is shown to be making a bulge in his stomach. The video seems to be that it was recorded between 2008 and 2009 just like the one shown on the ShockSiteList.com only that it was uploaded later, however, there is no way of knowing, since this second video seems to be that was not hosted on another site before being hosted here in 2014.


The similarity and relationship between these three videos seem to be a coincidence, but apparently, the same subject that appears in 1 Guy 1 Chair is the same one that appears in Ripple Guts.

There are two ways to realize this:

  1. The dildo: the dildo looks similar in all the videos, although it is not seen much in the video of the chair, in the few seconds that it is seen, we can realize that it is very similar to the one in the previous videos.
  2. The body of the subject: in the first videos you can see a guy not as skinny as shown in the video of the chair, however, the physical complexion looks strangely similar, since almost 12 or 13 years have passed since the Ripple Guts videos were recorded, which would give us a guy who lost a lot of weight.

Within this, if we look at his penis, we will see that they are very similar, all this would give us that it is the same subject that appears in the three videos, only that they were recorded in different years.

Other information

According to many, the guy in the videos died after the video of the chair due to the injuries generated, but this turns out to be false since a tweet was misunderstood within a thread about the video of the chair where it is shown that "supposedly the mother of the subject had died days after or before the upload of the video" something that has not been verified either.[1]

It's not impossible to know if she was her mother since the real identity of the protagonist of the videos is not known or if the same person who appears in all the videos was the Twitter user "bellendstoten2".

It is also not possible to know if there are more videos of the Ripple Guts series or other videos with different names.


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NOTE: The following shock sites contain graphic content!

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