Doge youre so precious when you smile meme

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Doge youre so precious when you smile meme is a screamer video that circulated around in 2019. Although the origin of the screamer video is unknown, it has been reported by Redditors that it is circulating on Discord (the YouTube video could be a reupload). [1]

The video begins with a fancam-style montage of Shiba Inu dogs, separated by zoom transitions, while the opening lines of Bazzi's Mine play in the background. Pink text is displayed on the pictures of the dogs, revealing the lyrics of the song. At the end of the fancam portion, just as Bazzi is about to sing "smile", the screen abruptly cuts to a picture of Smile Dog, accompanied by what sounds like a very loud Nokia ringtone (not the traditional Nokia 3300 ringtone that many people might be familiar with). The ringtone is followed by a sped-up talking sound, and then the same sound repeated in reverse, before the video abruptly ends. Another version of the video features a highly distorted picture of Tyler, The Creator displayed over Smile Dog, with the sound even louder.

Showcase Video


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

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