Mario kart 64 mushroom cup secret

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Mario kart 64 mushroom cup secret is a screamer video uploaded on discord by Denise. The video was made in October or November. It is considered the unofficial sequel to Super Mario 64 big star secret.

The video starts with the video's title, with Bring Me to Life playing in the background. It would start off with the maker choosing Mario and selecting the Mushroom Cup. The instructions on this video tell the viewer to play the game poorly then randomly play good. This then cuts to the segment of Mario not racing, looking around, but then he starts to race after a while, then he gets a power up. This then cuts to text saying not to use them, and cuts to Mario in the sand, and he seems to move slow, trying to get on the tracks. Mario then gets on the tracks, after a good while, this then cuts to text saying in the second lap play good then bad. This scene cuts to Mario racing while bumping the walls.

After a nice while, it cuts to text saying to play bad, and continues with the video. After a while, it cuts to text saying to do really bad and go backwards in the next course. This is then followed by Mario bumping the walls, and then going backwards. This cuts to a Taco Bell commercial of Mario, with text saying to go forward and make Mario go to taco bell, and they should unlock Kamek as a character, afterwards, it cuts to the lite K-fee commercial in a stuffer loop, which cuts to the credits.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

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