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Reader discretion is advised.

Victory Screech
Doesn't feel like victory to me, bro.
Maker: Unknown
Type: Bait and Switch Video
Creation date: September 2020

Victory Screeeeech is a shock video created by an unknown creator. It was spread around across Discord, where people began posting this video around the internet, but there is no actual video that can be found the internet; only the showcase video only existed to demonstrate that the video really exist.


The video starts with a clip from the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "The Algae's Always Greener", where SpongeBob calls out "Victory screech!", but before he and all of the customers do the ululating cry, but instead of it continuing it immediately cuts to a naked man cutting his urethra in agony, then puts a tissue afterwards, there is another video created was called "5 Seconds Countdown", the video depicts a 5 seconds of countdown, when the time runs out, the screen will cut to a video of a woman shitting liquid feces onto a man's penis.

CENSORED: Showcase Video[edit]

CENSORED: Victory Screeeeeccch


NOTE: The following video contains graphic content!

  • Without the Spongebob one:


Anonymous user #1

2 months ago
Score 1++
How did the man survived

Gordon Ramsay03 Criticism

2 months ago
Score 0++
where did you find the spongebob one?

Anonymous user #2

one month ago
Score 0++
That would've been a Season 10 episode if Hillenburg never came back to the show.

Anonymous user #3

one month ago
Score 0++
poor man

Anonymous user #4

one month ago
Score 0++
I actually legit cried when this mad did this to himself. WHY???!!!

Anonymous user #5

one month ago
Score 1++
i hate the fact they tied spongebob to a video of a man cutting off his dick

Anonymous user #6

one month ago
Score 1++
i feel so bad for this poor man, he couldve had a family and been a father

Sarah davis

one month ago
Score 1++

i know this is nsfl but

made with K I N E M A S T E R


24 days ago
Score 0++
I think this is the first, if not only, NSFL video that has a Kinemaster watermark.


29 days ago
Score 0++
...I hurt just from the thought. Both for Spongebob being put together with this and for the fact he's...damn. Nothing is supposed to get in there, let alone cut through it.

Anonymous user #7

21 days ago
Score 0++
kinemaster is the cancer of all video programs

Anonymous user #8

8 days ago
Score 0++
i actually saw this video one twitter and it scarred me
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