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While many screamers have been archived and documented, certain of these remain unknown, lost within the corners of the internet. Numerous screamers, for various reasons, have managed to evade efforts in archiving them, existing solely as either a screenshot or a link.

If you possess any information about the lost screamers listed here or identify yourself as the creator of a particular screamer, your contributions are highly valued. See the Lost Media Wiki for more information, as there are currently hunts for some of the screamers listed here.

Kindly share your insights, or any available details on our Discord or the Lost Media Wiki Discord server.

Please note that each lost screamer must have at least sources of their existence. Links to screenshots if necessary.



  • The Tour of Solar System was a screamer video uploaded to Putfile in October 2005. Initially presenting itself as a harmless tour of the solar system, it took a sudden turn by displaying frightening images of celestial bodies, including a jump scare with a scary face and a juvenile message. An attempt to expand on the concept, "The Tour of the Universe," was also interrupted by an image of Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist.[1][2]
  • King of the Hill: Find Lady Bird was a screamer video created by the entertainment-based website Liquid Generation in 2005, based on the popular animated sitcom, King of the Hill. The animation, uploaded on an unknown date and later taken down along with the entire Liquid Generation website, invites viewers to find Lady Bird among the King of the Hill characters. After 40 seconds, a picture of Dead Bart (a screencap of Homer Simpson's melted face from The Simpsons episode "Brother From the Same Planet") pops up and zooms in with a high-pitched scream. Following this, a ninja appears, declaring: "You have been sabotaged," while providing a link to Liquid Generation.[citation needed]


  • Ghost Footage was a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by VenerableDread on November 5th, 2006. The video starts with some text prompting the viewer to find something wrong with a low-quality image of a graveyard and then displays the image. 13 seconds into the video, a red-filtered picture of Pennywise from the IT franchise appears along with a loud scream. The final segment of the video displays text stating that "You should have realized that it wasn't actually ghost footage, you twit." The text fades away and the video ends.[3]
  • "The Hypnotic Experiment" was uploaded to YouTube by VenerableDread on November 11th, 2006. The video starts with an instruction asking viewers to focus on the center of a moving spiral and listen to the voice at high volume to ensure its effectiveness. However, as the video approaches 35 seconds, a sudden image of an eye appears with a loud scream. This is succeeded by the message "Did I scare you? If so, you have been pranked, AGAIN! MWAHAHAHAHA." The video has been removed as VenerableDread's channel was terminated.[4]
  • A Day In The Life Of The Steel Legion is a screamer video uploaded to YouTube in November 2006 by VenerableDread. The video incorporates footage from the game Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, overlayed with text outlining a narrative for the scenarios. However, towards the end, text appears on a yellow background, stating, "THE END! Now go home, or..." followed by an image of a giant spider in a room (later utilized in Saddam Hussein Execution), accompanied by the scream from the K-fee commercials. The video concludes with the statement, "Now it's THE END. Happy now?"[5][6]
  • The Cuffi Adverts, created by YouTube user VenerableDread in November 2006, form a series of screamer videos inspired by the K-fee commercials. Notable for their connection with screamers like Saddam Hussein Execution, each video wraps up with a parody of K-fee's slogan, culminating in the phrase "Now go change your pants." In the inaugural advert, "Sunset," a 9-second glimpse of a roadside sunset is succeeded by the sudden appearance of a Cyberman from Doctor Who, accompanied by the identical scream from "What's Wrong?". In the subsequent advert, "Motorway," a depiction of a motorway with cars in motion is displayed. At the 9-second mark, a screamer appears, showcasing a green-scaled image of a distorted face and the same scream from "What's Wrong?".[7][8]
  • Dark Crusade - Alternate Nightbringer Trailer was a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by VenerableDread on September 30, 2006. The video briefly mentions a "hidden unit" in a trailer before transitioning to the Dark Crusade - Nightbringer trailer. However, the video is abruptly interrupted by a screamer displaying a picture of a grim reaper, accompanied by a loud woman's scream. It turns out that the "hidden unit" the creator mentioned is actually Relic. The video has been removed from the platform since the account was terminated, causing the video to become lost.[9][10]
  • "Dinosaur Skull" was a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by VenerableDread on October 14, 2006. The viewer is prompted to find something wrong behind the dinosaur skull in the video and is instructed to search very closely to find it quickly. After a while, the image shifts closer with the same scream from "What's Wrong?" and the video concludes with the message stating that the viewer got pranked. Sadly, the video got deleted due to the creator being terminated for unknown reasons, leaving it as an unknown piece.[11][12]
  • Dawn of War Screamer! was a screamer video uploaded by YouTube user VenerableDread on October 14, 2006. The video invites the viewer to examine a screenshot of the game Dawn of War and spot something "unusual." After five seconds, the text fades out to reveal the screenshot. During the search, the creator provides "help" with hints by advising the viewer to turn up their speakers to listen for clues. At the 15-second mark, an inverted creator's face appears with a loud, looping version of the "Yeah!" segment from the 2000 Disney Channel Original logo, followed by a message stating "Actually, VenerableDread strikes again! MEH!"[13][14]


An archived snapshot of Bnfjg
  • bnfjg also known as bnfjg.wmv was a screamer video uploaded to Putfile in 2007. Unfortunately, the .wmv file has not been archived. The video features rock music and displays messages such as "you'," "screamers are gay, you know?," and "$(r3w this I'm outta here!". It includes jumbled-up sentences and an image of a man with sharp teeth and an X burned into his head with the text "This is a mock to screamers everywhere." The video concludes with credits and the message "you guys rule"[15][16]
  • Clown Screamer was a screamer video uploaded to YouTube on November 11th, 2007, by Albert Calzaretto. The video begins by instructing the viewer to "stare at the dots for 20 seconds then look to the right," displaying an image of a white dot at the center of a green circle. However, after 13 seconds, irrespective of the screamer's timing, a picture of a clown suddenly appears, shouting: "Boo" at the viewer. Following the screamer, a message says: "Fooled ya huh? This is my first and last screamer."[17]
  • Fastest RC Cars in the World!! was a screamer video uploaded by Anael Amores on November 23, 2007. As of today, the video has accumulated over 1,500,000 views, reaching a million views within a year of its upload. The video begins with a text instructing viewers to turn up the volume, transitioning to a slideshow of RC cars with a remix of Linkin Park and Jay-Z's "Numb/Encore" playing in the background. Eventually, the zombie from the K-fee commercials interrupts the slideshow, accompanied by a loud scream.[18][19]
  • Gas Ghost was a parody screamer made by dax2828 sometime in 2007 or 2008. For around 15 seconds, there is what seems to be security video of a dark room (presumably from a gas station). It then cuts to video of a man sticking his tongue out, making strange noises in the process. It was taken down from the internet a long time ago and has yet to resurface in any form.[20]
  • Halloween Screamer was uploaded to YouTube by owned323 on October 19th, 2007. This screamer video unfolds a narrative through a sequence of Gothic font messages presented in a specific order. The first message explains the tradition of wearing costumes on the Day of the Dead. Subsequent messages reveal the increasing unawareness of people regarding the emergence of spirits from hell and escalating violence on this night until it's too late. The third message portrays how people succumb to overwhelming fear, perceiving unreal things. The fourth message signifies the loss of hope, descending into insanity, and an inability to comprehend their actions. The chilling conclusion arrives with the message "IT CONSUMES THEM," followed by a brief appearance of the K-fee zombie on the screen, accompanied by a loud scream.[21][22]
  • Zombie in Gta:SA was a video uploaded to YouTube by the user Katrousek on October 25, 2007. The video begins with a white screen bearing black text, indicating the presence of a zombie in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Subsequently, it transitions to CJ in Doherty outside a construction zone. He proceeds to run toward the site. While in motion, Carl enters the deserted site and approaches some large pipes. However, as he takes out his camera to film the inside of one of the pipes, intending to zoom in on the brick wall, a zombie torso from the Valve game Half-Life 2 suddenly pops up along with a loud female scream. The video has since been set to private.[23][24]


  • The Virgin Mary Haunting Stone Statue was a screamer video uploaded by the user thirdphaseofmoon in 2008. The video purported to show the Virgin Mary statue coming to life, but at 0:24, it revealed a scare with the statue seemingly blinking accompanied by a brief scream. The video ended abruptly, encouraging viewers to subscribe.[25]
  • Zelda Ganon in Koriki Forest Egg was a screamer video uploaded by an unknown user in 2008. The video claimed that in the game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, that there was an easter egg in the starting area of Koriki Forest behind Link's home where the player could see Ganon, the game's antagonist. As the player makes their way behind Link's home, text begins to detail how to perform the trick. The video then suddenly cuts to a picture of a dead alien staring at the viewer accompanied by a loud scream. The video has since been deleted, and only a video warning users of the trick still exists on YouTube by the user generalagreement.


  • Cute Puppy Staring Contest was a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by KHFADKDFG3443 on October 29th, 2009. The opening credits inform viewers that if they are fans of Rush, they should continue watching as the video incorporates the song "YYZ." An image of an adorable puppy then graces the screen, accompanied by a message stating that if the viewer "looks into its witty eyes for 30 seconds," they will be "hypnotized by cuteness." Approximately 25 seconds later, a face from the "What's Wrong?" screamer appears, changing colors accompanied by an escalating female scream, before a credit is displayed, indicating it's an "A&E" team video.[26]
  • Goombella is cute! was a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by a user snazzy on August 6th, 2009 The video begins with a description of the video game character Goombella from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, followed by a brief clip of Goombella blinking, smirking, talking, and closing her eyes, until a flickering image of Goombella with human teeth appears, accompanied by a loud scream.[27]
  • Horror in Slovenia was uploaded to YouTube by Grega Petek on October 30th, 2009. The video starts with a text warning, advising viewers not to proceed. Subsequently, the footage reveals a cameraman slowly entering a dark room. After 15 seconds, an image of Damjan Murko appears, accompanied by a sarcastic scream. Unfortunately, the video is now set to private and inaccessible.[28]
  • Hotel Mario Intro was a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by an unknown creator in 2009. The video begins with the Hotel Mario intro. However, immediately after Mario exclaims "Luigi, Look!" an image of Pazuzu appears, coupled with the same slowed-down scream from "What's Wrong?" Following this, a picture from Kikia with a different scream manifests. Regrettably, the video was deleted from YouTube for unknown reasons.[29][30]
  • MK Adventure with Reiko was screamer video that was uploaded to YouTube on October 19, 2009, by a user named FELIXDELGADILLO. The video showcases footage from a fan-made Mortal Kombat game created using Open Beats of Rage, which features the character Reiko. The video has no sound as it primarily shows a stage and some attacks performed by the player. However, at the 38-second mark, a picture of Pennywise the Dancing Clown suddenly appears on the screen with a distorted death scream sound effect, which ironically is taken from the Mortal Kombat games.[31]


  • Scary pop up ever was a video uploaded to YouTube by Joseph Karlo Migellano, lasting 29 seconds. The video starts with an image of an abandoned house, with a windy ambiance playing in the background and the old movie effect of Windows Movie Maker. At 0:20, a girl with a silly face in a bathtub (with clothes on) appears. Then, at 0:22, a message pops up on the screen saying "miranda .. haah scary .. but funny." After 23 seconds, several images of girls screaming appear in a fast slideshow. There's also a special effect found in Windows Movie Maker inserted in the image of Miranda at 0:25. The video ends with a 4-second long message saying "thank you .. hahahahah."[32][33]


  • Fat Cat was a screamer video that was uploaded to YouTube in 2011 by an unknown user. The video starts out by showing a picture of an obese cat (as what the title promises), but afterwards, a picture of Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist appears with a scream. It is told that the video was either deleted or was removed for violating YouTube's community guidelines, but nothing much is known about this video.[34]
  • Spot the difference between these two images is a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by Zakawat liaqat on November 21, 2011. The video begins by asking the viewer to find differences between two volcano images while "Take on Me" plays. After 35 seconds, a face from What's Wrong? appears, along with a loud screech. The screamer reappears after the text: "I found a difference! Haha!" along with the same screech.[35][36]
  • The Dramatic Chipmunk on crack was a screamer video created by BELIAL NUFC in 2011. Beginning with the text "The dramatic chipmunk on crack!!," the video featured a GIF of the Dramatic Chipmunk, followed by eerie GIFs, including Samara Morgan from The Ring and Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist. The user deleted the video in 2017.[37]


  • 100 Scary Screamers was a screamer video posted on YouTube on May 19, 2012. The video begins with red text proclaiming "100 scary screamers." However, at the 5-second mark, a picture of Kayako Saeki from The Grudge emerges with a loud scream (using the "Death" sound effect from Sound Bible) and a Sonic2.exe sound. Following this, the video concludes with the final text indicating that the screamer links are in the description, although it only features a total of 40 screamers.[38]
  • What is meme? was a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by fanzorz1 sometime in 2012. The video begins with the song "What Is Love" by Haddaway. At the 16-second mark, the gif from the 1998 romantic film A Night at the Roxbury appears. It first replaces Chris Kattan's face with Epic Face, then Jim Carrey's face with Trollface, and finally, Will Ferrell's face with Nyan Cat. The old Comedy Central logo is also displayed at the bottom right corner. However, at 3:38, a black screen with a loud scream appears. After the screamer, it cuts to the image of Trollface on a black background, along with large white text that says: "PROBLEM OFFICER?", accompanied by a Vincent Price laugh.[39]
  • First Legitimate 3DS SD Card Hack was a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by an unknown user in 2012. The video begins with a person turning on his Nintendo 3DS. He then launches the Nintendo 3DS Camera program. Shortly after he presses the "More pictures" button, a flashing image of Jeff the Killer appears, along with a loud screech. However, despite similarities between the two, this is not the same screamer as Anne.jpg.[40]


  • Chipettes Singing Single Ladies Turn Up Volume Kinda Low was a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by an unknown creator in 2013. The video features a clip from the film Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel in which the Chipettes perform the song "Single Ladies." The audio intentionally starts quiet, encouraging the viewer to increase the volume. Following the song, the same screamer from Jingle Bells Reversed appears. Finally, the creator encourages the viewer to subscribe to his channel.[41]
  • Hell Dot was a screamer video created by an unknown creator in 2013. The video features a gradient red dot that progressively increases in size or zooms in for a few seconds. This repetition persists until a flashing image of a rather frightening gray face abruptly interrupts with a scream. Afterward, it returns to the dot before ending the video.[42]
  • Illusions (Scary Pop Up) was a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by Jantobaiscool on February 21st, 2013. The video begins by displaying text, stating, "Over the next minute, I will show you images that will confuse your brain and mind. I will show two images, and both will have this effect. But to achieve this, you must stare directly at the center of each image. Here is the first image: (REMEMBER THE CENTER)." The first image features a third eye, followed by a message appearing above it, instructing, "Did you feel it? Now for the second one." The second image displays a spinning color wheel; however, after about 8 seconds, a picture of Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist appears, accompanied by a drill-like sound.[43][44]
  • Nyan cat scary pop up was a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by Polowarfare in 2013. It is yet another screamer parody of Nyan Cat. The video begins with a mumbling voice that says "Oh, God!" before it starts. Things go on as usual (albeit with low-quality audio). At the end, a guy with a demonic face appears with a few poorly timed female screams.[45]


  • Peppa Pig para asustar (English translation: "Peppa Pig for Frightening") was a screamer created by XAVIER ZOOM on June 28, 2015. The video begins with a distorted clip of the Spanish dub intro of the preschool animated show Peppa Pig. Following the intro, the title card appears with the caption "Daddy Puts up a Picture." Around the 24-second mark, the video zooms into the house's window, revealing the main character, Peppa Pig. At this moment, an image of a woman with no eyes and sharp teeth appears, accompanied by a scream taken from the horror game Slendytubbies.[46]
  • Strong video hypnosis is the most horrible screamer was a Russian screamer video created and posted on YouTube by a user named ANTImgn on June 20, 2015. The video appears to be a typical spiral video with soft piano music. Unexpectedly, a screamer was added at the end to startle the viewer. Despite this, the video has amassed over 300,000 views.[47]
  • Tacos3921 was a screamer video uploaded to YouTube in 2015 by an unknown user, with scant details about the creator. The apparently innocuous video begins with a stock photo of Al Pastor tacos but swiftly transforms into a scream-inducing experience at the 25-second mark with the sudden appearance of the Anne.jpg screamer. Although Angeleno attempted to recreate the original video, the original was deleted the following day.[48]
  • Untitled screamer was a 30-second video by wiki user NodogonToontown, uploaded on September 13, 2015. Starting with a scene from Prometheus and Bob, it abruptly introduced a vampire with a deafening scream at the 33-second mark.[49]
  • Walking in the Snow 1 was a screamer video created by YouTube user AnimatorXP on January 22, 2015. The video starts with an intro. As the creator takes a walk in the snow at night, at 58 seconds, his friend with a mask appears along with the same scream from Five Nights at Freddy's 1. The creator has released a sequel and a trilogy on the same date. The video is now private, and there are no archives of it.
  • Funny Running video was a screamer video uploaded to YouTube in 2015. The thumbnail contains a picture of a man in pink ballerina clothes running with a big black poodle, However, the content of it does not relate to its thumbnail whatsoever. The video begins with an empty hallway. At 0:08, a boy dressed in blue runs down the hallway and after a few moments, the light begins to flicker and the screen goes dark. The screen suddenly zooms into a boy's face with a very loud scream at 0:29, followed by Jeff the Killer and Regan MacNeil rapidly flashing in negative as the loud scream plays.[50][51]
  • Half-Life 2: Episode Three Announcement Trailer was an immediate screamer video created by Valve (A fake account made by CloudTheHandsome) The video itself pretends to be an announcement trailer for the cancelled video game Half-Life 2: Episode Three, Once opened, an image of Vortiquant (Happ Vort) appears with a repeated loud scream that was used in Winterrowd games, In addition to the screamer itself, The Vortigaunt face was used in this Reddit post.[52]
  • Hidden Message in Skyfall was a screamer video uploaded to YouTube in 2015, with the creator remaining unknown. The video opens with a message challenging viewers to find a hidden message in Skyfall. It then transitions to the first scene of the James Bond film Spectre, the fourth installment following Skyfall. However, the suspenseful moment was abruptly interrupted by a ghostly woman, accompanied by a loud scream.[53]
  • WonkyTonkBotty's Crapsterpiece is a deliberately poorly created Downfall Parody/Michael Rosen YouTube Poop by WonkyTonkBotty (Ponkenstein) for a contest. The intentionally low quality includes various screamers/jump scares at random moments.[54]


  • MOST SHOCKING SCARY POP UP! BEST SCARY GHOST video was a screamer video uploaded by CrazyMarc666 to YouTube on March 26th, 2016. The video has been deleted and was not archived. A night-vision video of a sewer tunnel is seen in the video, with a slight pulse heard in the background. A faint white blob floats in from the corner at the 17-second mark, and a short time later, the blob transforms into a female zombie, runs towards the screen, and roars loudly.[55][56]
  • Mulheres gostosas was a Brazilian screamer video uploaded to YouTube by ɨʍքօʀȶǟռȶ ʊֆɛʀռǟʍɛ (Also known on FANDOM as "Mhps035"). When translated, the title of the video means "Hot women." The video is 6 seconds long and features a set of 5 images. Aside from the last one, the other images represent the following porn actresses: Faye Reagan, Breanne Benson, Mia Khalifa, and Phoenix Marie. While the set of images is shown, the bass-boosted version of 30 by Fukkit is playing in the background. Immediately after the image of Phoenix Marie is shown, the song abruptly stops playing and an extremely close-up picture of Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist appears with an extremely loud version of the same scream from The Maze.[57][58]
  • News Reporter's Shocking Death on Live Television on Live Television was a screamer video uploaded by CemeterialCentral, or also known as Sump on July 3rd, 2016. The video starts with a clip from a Brazilian news program, named Como Será, where host Sandra Annenberg is seen talking. When she finished saying "Tomara que a Julia seja muito feliz com a escolha dela" (Translation: I hope that Julia will be very happy with her choice), she inadvertently trips on a bench and falls down. After 6 seconds, a close-up of Pennywise the Dancing Clown appears, along with a loud scream sound effect named "Loud Nigra." This video is no longer available because the channel has been terminated.[59][60]
  • SELF-MADE screamer - CUTE DOGGIES AND PUPPYS was a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by Screamer Bloker on October 16, 2016. The video starts with the text "cute doggies" on a black background. After a few seconds, it cuts to a clip of PewDiePie making a doggie face and then transitions to a picture of a cute Yorkshire Terrier with a pink ribbon. Suddenly, a close-up picture of Regan MacNeil appears along with the same scream from The Maze. The video has been deleted by the uploader, possibly due to negative comments.[61]
  • Boo the Little Tiger with a Twist was a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by user April Fowler Dewey on November 11, 2016. The video shows the regular Tiger Boo Song. However, after 15 seconds, the same screamer from SCP-450 pops up. The original had since been deleted and now remains unknown.[64]


A looping gif seen in Screamer Flipnote.
  • Time To Relax was a screamer video uploaded to YouTube in March 2017 by Mike Diver. The video featured a soothing piano piece intended to relax the viewer. However, it took an unexpected turn at the end with footage of Michael Jackson stretching his face and a loud sound effect. The video is no longer available.[65]
  • What's The Matter With This Picture? was a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by Mega Osodashi. The video was originally named after the original What's Wrong With This Picture? screamer. It featured a photograph of a clinic's waiting room set to the tune of "Dream Fighter" by the Japanese band Perfume playing in the background. The video was designed to appear innocuous, with the volume of the song set low to encourage viewers to turn up the volume for a "better experience." At the 0:37 mark, the video takes a sudden and terrifying turn, and a haunting image of a skeleton boy with hair (an image associated with the creepypasta "The Grifter") appears on the screen, accompanied by a blood-curdling scream. The video then cuts to a black screen with white text, urging viewers to check out more videos on the channel and subscribe. The song "Whenever Love" by Ken Laszlo plays in the background, along with the copyrighted music by Perfume. Due to the song's copyrighted content, the music by Perfume was removed, and the screamer video was permanently deleted on June 21, 2018. The video's description said "Folks, stare at this picture! There's something strange going on in it!"[66]
  • What's Wrong With This Picture (Hotogainc) was a screamer video posted on YouTube by hotogainc, also recognized for "An Optical Illusion (Not from" The screamer aimed to reproduce the original What's Wrong?. The video was subsequently taken down by the uploader. It starts with an image depicting a dining room. After 17 seconds, a slideshow of screamer images unfolds, featuring the original image from "WWWTP," a picture of Regan MacNeil, a smiling ghost face, a zombie, a ten-glowing-eyed banshee, a pixelated image of a crushed head, a terrifying woman, a burnt woman, and various Halloween masks. Each image is accompanied by a loud scream before an unexpected Rick Roll.[67]
  • Screamer Flipnote was a screamer video made by Daniel Alexander زلق علجوم. The video starts with an edited animation parodying the "What Is Love" Meme while the song "Baby" by Justin Bieber plays in the background. However, 8 seconds into the video, a black, shaking pixelated picture of a man with no eyes appears with a very loud scream. This is followed by a Trollface with a text reading problem? before the video ends.[68]
  • Tapes was a series of brief YouTube videos created by Redlarkk, a fellow admin of the wiki. Unfortunately, the series was removed for reasons unknown. Each video emulated a tape recording, depicting eerie or abnormal occurrences often involving ghosts. Seven episodes were released, with more in development, featuring occasional jump scares. There's speculation that this series might be related to The Serial Killer's Face.[69]
  • The Forest was a 2017 screamer video regards a forest that supposedly has a ghost that the viewer has to search for. It was uploaded by wiki user ChristopherMurray27. The video begins with a picture of a forest, accompanied by the same ambience from SCP-450 playing silently, possibly leading to someone turning up the volume. However, towards the end of the video, the same hostile ghost from 'Fatal Frame' appears with the same scream from The Maze, but its edited to be more louder than one would expect.[70]


A red button that redirects the viewer to Mov0001.swf, as seen in Resposta pra quem não gosta de mim.
  • Cute Kitty was a screamer shared by FaZe (Fan/KaidenTRM) on February 5th, 2018, featuring a screamer edited to surface towards the end. The video bears resemblances to Cute Kittens LOL or Funny Cute Kitten. It starts by showcasing adorable kittens, with the interruption of their cuteness occurring when Pazuzu from The Exorcist appears, accompanied by a loud scream. The video was subsequently deleted, leaving no archives behind; in this instance, the video was lost.[71]
  • Playstation 4 Kill Screen (FAKE) was a roleplay screamer video uploaded to YouTube by ShermanBarker チャンネル on January 18th, 2018. The video aims to deceive viewers into thinking that their Playstation 4 is experiencing technical difficulties and needs to be turned off immediately to prevent further damage. The warning message is displayed in four languages: English, French, Japanese, and Spanish. Ignoring the warning results in the system displaying error 666 and insisting on turning it off. After a few moments, a flashing screen appears with the text "OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU!" and the same music from Sonic.exe playing in the background but in G-Major tone. The system then thanks the viewer for playing.[72]
  • Resposta pra quem não gosta de mim (translated as: "Answer for those who don't like me") was a screamer posted on Facebook created by Valdilan Schott. The video begins with a button and a line of text that states: "You don't like me? 'Aperta o botão,'" which translates to "Do not like me? Press the button." Pressing the button triggers a flashing image of Amy Peterson from Fright Night along with a loud screech, the same screamer from[73]
  • Scary Inferno Screamer was a screamer video uploaded by Scary AndFundotcom on October 31, 2018. The video starts with an intro from ScaryAndFundotcom, asking the viewer to concentrate on the triangle as it zooms in and out. A fire in the middle appears for a brief second. After a while, Konnichiwa's face from appears, accompanied by a loud scream.[74][75]
  • The Simpsons Comic: Find Ned Flanders In This Panel! was a screamer video by Mega Osodashi. Deleted in November 2018, the video showcased a panel from The Simpsons comic, challenging users to find Ned Flanders while "Watch Out" by Bambee played. A jump scare followed, featuring a white girl with large eyes and a loud scream, concluding with a "Fooled!" message and an invitation to check out more videos on the Generation Star YouTube channel.[76]
  • Look at This Picture for 25 Seconds and You Will See SpongeBob and Patrick! was a 2018 screamer video uploaded by YouTube user Robert’s Channel of Random Stuff. The video begins with a picture from the SpongeBob episode "Pranks a Lot" with the user claiming that if you look at the picture for 25 seconds, you will see SpongeBob and Patrick. The user instructs viewers to wait, and after 25 seconds, the same picture of Mr. Krabs with salt in his eyes from "SpongeBob Sped Up" plays with the user screaming. The last 10 seconds feature the user asking if you found them, stating that your life is a lie. The video ends with the user encouraging viewers to subscribe for more quality content.[77]
  • Illusion Screamer Clown was a 2018 French screamer video posted on YouTube by a user named Josier Du 13. The video starts with a strobe illusion accompanied by eerie sounds in the background, lasting for about 28 seconds. Subsequently, an image of Pennywise from the IT franchise suddenly appears, accompanied by the same scream heard in The Maze.[78]


  • What Happens Next Challenge! (Play with a Friend!) was a screamer video created by Redlarkk around 2019. The video presents as a typical challenge where the viewer watches clips, pauses for eleven seconds, and then continues. There are eight clips, mostly from Reddit, with the final clip being Little Dancing Girl. Each clip has a surprising twist when it resumes after the pause. Examples include a wallet magically changing how money is inserted, a mirror crashing near a man walking, and a gender reveal balloon not popping. The last clip, Little Dancing Girl features a sudden demonic appearance and scream. After the screamer, a message advises viewers to be cautious of seemingly creepy videos, suggesting they might not be what they seem.[80]
  • What’s Wrong With These Two Pictures? (SCREAMER) was a screamer video uploaded by wiki user ThatScorbunny879 on March 16, 2019. The 12-second video begins with two images of the box art for the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive outside of the US) game "Cyborg Justice." Unlike similar videos, there is nothing wrong with either image. This remains unchanged until, after 10 seconds, a poster of the 1910 movie "Frankenstein" appears, accompanied by the same scream from The Maze[81][82]
  • BABY SHARK JUMPSCARE was a YouTube video first posted on December 18, 2019, by the user Giovanni Araujo Pokemon GO. This also makes it one of the last screamers of the 2010s decade. The Baby Shark video from Pinkfong plays for a majority of the video, but right before the Grandpa Shark part is sung, a picture of a creepy bloodstained face pops up with a loud scream. Not much is known about this screamer. Unfortunately, the video has been removed from YouTube due to the channel being terminated.[83]


The thumbnail of M A R I O (named after the ROM hack creepypasta)
  • Some old Club Penguin gameplay I found on YT. was a YouTube video uploaded to YouTube by RainLauncher85 on March 9, 2021. The video showcases gameplay footage from the virtual world game Club Penguin, beginning with a penguin providing a tour of the game's map. However, during the mention of sled racing, a picture of Tarman from Return of the Living Dead pops up on the screen accompanied by the same scream from Death Calculator. The video concludes with a parody of the Liquid Generation's sabotage ending. According to the creator, the footage used in the video was found on YouTube and originally titled "Club Penguin... a new tour!".
  • Kitten Around but with a Twist! was a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by RainLauncher85 on September 17th, 2021. The video features a clip from Jellystone! with the character Augie Doggie singing Kitten Around. Right before she says "yarn," a picture of Ahenobarbus Henocied pops up with the same scream from Rata Bailando, which was Whitehouse's Philosophy sped up. The original video has been deleted and became lost media due to the creator's YouTube account termination for unknown reasons.[84][85]
  • M a r i o was a screamer video uploaded to YouTube on January 10th, 2021 featuring horror-themed Super Mario Bros. gameplay with eerie texts. Disturbing messages like "Death" and "Fear" appear, building tension until a frozen moment at 0:39 reveals a terrifying image and loud noises. Returning to the game menu leads to a unique level with unsettling imagery, climaxing with an edited image of Zalgo-fied Boxxy and the text "I hate you."[86][87]
  • Ollie & Moon Subliminal Message was a screamer video created by RainLauncher85 on February 24th, 2021. The video starts with a simple text that says, "Can you spot something strange about this photo?" The viewer is given five seconds to examine a picture from The Ollie and Moon Show, which supposedly contains a hidden message according to the creator. If the viewer can't find the message, the creator then zooms in on the picture to reveal it. The viewer is then instructed to focus on Ollie's ear. However, after a brief moment, a picture of Pikachu with blood dripping and no eyes appears with a loud scream. The picture used in the screamer was created by Rzochan on DeviantArt. The original screamer has since become lost media due to the creator's account getting terminated for unknown reasons.[88][89]
  • Osodashi Inflates and Floats like a Balloon! SERIOUSLY!? (April Fools!) was originally created for April Fools Day 2021 by Crystal the Tanuccoon (also known as Mega Osodashi on this wiki) and later reuploaded by Chibiyima Archives on YouTube. The purpose of the video was likely to deceive users into believing there was body inflation in the 35th episode of the 1991 children's anime series, Jankenman. The video starts with a text claiming that there's a scene featuring Masked Osodashi, a villain from Jankenman, inflating like a balloon when the hose the wand was attached to touches him. Following this text, the video presents the same flashing screamer from The screamer lasts for one minute. Afterward, a message reveals that it was an April Fools prank intended to scare people. The video then encourages viewers to subscribe by clicking the icon at the bottom left corner. As of June 2021, the video has been deleted for unknown reasons. Additionally, the Chibiyima Archives channel, where the video was reuploaded, was deleted on May 5, 2023.[90][91]
  • Snowman hidden camera prank! was a screamer video uploaded by RainLauncher85 on March 13, 2021. The video utilized snowman prank footage by Jay Karl, with the intent of people getting scared by a snowman. However, a picture of a snowman with jaws in its teeth interrupts along with the same scream from a Liquid Generation video. This is followed by a parody version of the Liquid Generation outro. The screamer has become lost media due to the creator's account termination for unknown reasons.[92][93]
  • Cute Kitten Pictures (with a TWIST) was an extensive screamer video created by user Mirnesa Hadzic on January 23, 2021. The video has been removed from YouTube for violating their Terms of Service. Adhering to its title, it featured a small montage of images spotlighting cats and kittens (excluding the final one, which portrayed the rabbit and deer from "Offended"). At the 15-second mark, a montage of screamer faces and graphic content images emerges. The entire montage spans several minutes, culminating with the appearance of the "AIN’T THAT SOMETHING?" text from "Subliminal Messages In Linkin Park's One Step Closer, which pops up and gradually zooms out. In late 2021, the video was taken down due to a community guidelines strike.[94]
  • Dark Basement also recognized as Abandoned Basement, was a screamer video based on Basement Ghost, uploaded to YouTube by wiki user SkyTheWanderer on March 24, 2021. The video presents an edited image of an old, dark abandoned basement, with audible footsteps throughout. After 17 seconds, an image of a replica zombie mask from The Evil Dead emerges, accompanied by the same scream as the animation it is based on, albeit slowed down. Following the screamer, the lights start flickering before the video concludes. Unfortunately, the video was later removed for unknown reasons, and no archives of it exist.
  • "Personality Scan" was a screamer video based on the flash prank Scan Analysis and made by Likeicare. It simulates a real body scan and begins with text informing the viewer that the video features a program that can scan their personality. Another message prompts the viewer to complete a final test during the scanning process. After a brief delay, the scan automatically begins, detecting the viewer's body. Then, the viewer is required to complete the final test, which is an eye scan. A message instructs the viewer to move closer to the monitor by two inches for the scan to work correctly. After a few seconds, the eye scan starts, and a blue line moves up and down to detect the viewer's eyes. Suddenly, a picture of Amy Peterson appears on the screen, accompanied by the same scream from SCP-450. A final message appears, revealing that the viewer has been pranked.[95]


  • Baikinman Turns Into a Bubble! was a screamer video once available on YouTube, uploaded by Genesis Supernova (also known as Mega Osodashi on this wiki). Unfortunately, the video has been deleted as of September 28, 2022, for reasons unknown. In the video, selected clips from the English dub of the 2007 Japanese animated film, Anpanman: Purun the Soap Bubble, were featured. Notably, one of these clips was edited to play backward, specifically the scene where Baikinman's mecha shoots bubbles. Following this altered scene where Baikinman is "hit," a picture of an enraged wolf, surrounded by smaller versions, appears. Accompanying this image is a short yet intense Tarzan yell (extracted from the 1932 film Tarzan the Ape Man) and a Castle Thunder sound effect. The video concludes with a spacy rainbow background and pink text proclaiming, "This video is sponsored in part by #TheWorldMayNeverKnow." The narrator's voice, reminiscent of the Tootsie Pop commercial, chimes in with the phrase, "The World May Never Know."[96]
  • Bird Big's Scary Pop Up! was a screamer video uploaded to YouTube on July 23, 2022, by the user Kenji Okita. The video begins with an excerpt from Sesame Street episode 3246, where Big Bird sings a riddle to his friends, subtly hinting that he is the subject of discussion. However, at the 27-second mark, a screenshot of the monster woman from CrazyMarc666's screamers suddenly appears, accompanied by a loud scream.[97]
  • Subliminal message in Duckman was a screamer video uploaded on YouTube by BlitzRain85 on August 2nd, 2022. The video, with a classic Movie Maker style slide, claims to reveal a subliminal message in Duckman. It cuts to Duckman saying his catchphrase, then zooms in near Duckman's eyebrow. A flurry of screamer images, including Regan MacNeil, Pazuzu from The Exorcist, the face from Scary Tic-Tac-Toe, and Ahenobarbus Henocied, appears with a scream from the song "Frankie Teardrop." The video ends with a slide saying "Haha!!! Got you, didn't I?" and then ends. The screamer has become lost media due to the creator's account termination.[98]
  • What the Hell Are You Staring At? was a YouTube video created by BlitzRain85 on August 14, 2022. The video begins with *Duckman repeatedly saying his famous catchphrase in various scenarios until the 14-second mark, where the same face from "What's Wrong With This Picture?" appears, accompanied by the same scream from "Scary Barney." During the scream, a slide created in the style of Movie Maker pops up with the message "Haha, gotcha." The video concludes after this slide, with a total duration of 23 seconds. The screamer has since become lost due to the creator's account getting terminated for an uncertain reason. It serves as the second Duckman screamer video after Subliminal Message in Duckman.[99]


  • A Subliminal Message In Chao was a screamer video shared on Vimeo by wiki user SynthIsHere2564 on April 28, 2023. The video begins with text introducing the creator, followed by messages regarding subliminal content in Nano Gets Grounded and Double Jump Ringo Action. Subsequently, the video displays an edited picture of a Chao from Sonic the Hedgehog, accompanied by Lavender Town music, prompting the viewer to find a concealed message in the Chao's eyes. At 0:56, a screamer picture from Rata Bailando appears with the Zoeken scream. After the screamer, text emerges, stating, "Haha! Gotcha, Did I?" abruptly concluding the video.[100]

Unknown date

  • Da Loneliness of the Long Distance Runnah was a screamer video uploaded to YouTube on an undisclosed date. The bulk of the footage features a slow-motion clip of a boy running through a street, with Rossini's "The Thieving Magpie" playing softly in the background, encouraging the audience to amplify the volume. It is subtitled as "an ineffectual parody of A Clockwork Orange." However, at the 42-second mark, a picture of Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist emerges along with a loud scream, and the text "Happy Halloween" subsequently appears.[101]


  • Ghost Desktop was Scratch animation created by kc_making_projects on April 23, 2019. The Scratch project begins by displaying text that mentions someone discovering a ghost in an image that no one can find. If the player agrees, they are then presented with the Windows 7 Desktop. However, after a brief minute, a picture from Funny Face appears, accompanied by the FNAF SL scream.[102]
  • Night of the Demon was Scratch project made by Qem 95 on December 26th, 2014. The project begins with an animation of a room, featuring an open door and background music that gradually fades to silence for a few moments. However, a red entity opens the door and lunges at the viewer, accompanied by a loud scream. The project was later removed from the platform for being deemed "too scary."[103]
  • Reversed Song Prank was Flash animation uploaded to DeviantArt by MatthewSeldon16 on February 3, 2009. The animation follows the format of the Jingle Bells Reversed screamer. It begins by playing an excerpt from the song Crushcrushcrush by the band Paramore in reverse. After a few seconds, a flashing image of an inverted man's face, accompanied by a ghostly demonic scream, suddenly appears. Following the screamer, a message appears on the screen, notifying the viewer that they have been frightened, and a button labeled "Click this to play again" is displayed.[104]


  • was screamer website registered in New Zealand on August 25th, 2007. Multiple Newgrounds forums linked to this website.[1] The website featured a demon screaming image followed by NSFW content and an extremely loud screech. A script on the site opened numerous unclosable pop-ups. The earliest archive simply displays a blank page redirecting to ""[105]
  • Downloads, Connections, and Other Surprises! was a screamer webpage created and hosted by wiki user Mega Osodashi in 2017 on her Tumblr site. Visiting the page with AdBlock on redirected users to a warning and then to a flashing image of Amy Peterson from Fright Night with a scream. With AdBlock off, the redirection did not occur.[106]
A screenshot displaying information related to unauthorized activities within Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.
  • was a screamer webpage created by wiki user Zeroxeon in 2016. Offline since November 4, 2016, due to an unprotected account on the web-hosting site 000Webhost, the site redirected to a fake article on hacking Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Clicking "Continue reading" led to surprise.htm with a flashing image of Amy Peterson from Fright Night and a loud screech. Exiting the page prompted a warning box with a tagline from K-Fee commercials. User interaction via the "Read More" button allowed pop-ups to bypass most script blockers.[107]
  • was screamer site created and hosted by wiki user Mega Osodashi in 2016. Initially showcased the Micro Machines logo; However, clicking the link redirected users to a flashing screenshot of Lisa from Silent Hill's P.T. demo with a loud scream. The site employed a script targeting Internet Explorer, causing it to crash. It was shut down on November 17, 2016.[108]
  • No Escape. a screamer webpage hosted by SkyTheWanderer on Neocities since November 23, 2020, and later deleted, displayed a GIF of Jeff the Killer with's scream. The malicious script attempted to open infinite tabs. Clicking the image triggered a dialog box reading "There is no escape," but users could close the browser, restart the device, or use Task Manager.[109]
  • Red Button was Neocities webpage created by SkyTheWanderer on November 21, 2020. The page warned against pressing a red button. Clicking it led to a dialog box instructing users to click a blue button, opening three tabs with Jeff the Killer images and's scream. The page was recreation of Button.html from the creator's website. The original redirected to a close-up image of Regan MacNeil, and this version is currently lost.[110]


A gameplay screenshot of Plafo the Platform.
Despite numerous archives, the game is no longer playable.
  • Plafo the Platformer was a screamer game for Microsoft Windows made with GameMaker Lite 8.1. In this game, players control the main (And only) character named Plafo, and supposedly, the goal of the game is to avoid the obstacles and reach the black lines at the end of the screen. When the game is launched, the player will start off in the First Level while chiptune music plays. There is nothing special in the first level as there is nothing to avoid. When reaching the second level, Plafo needs to avoid a big hole; if Plafo falls in the hole, the whole level restarts. When reaching the Final Seventh Level, instead of the black lines, there will be a black door with the "OOF" Blocks surrounding it. When pulling the Yellow Lever, which destroys the "OOF" blocks, and when touching the Black Door, a gray face with black eyes and a mouth appears, without a scream.[111]
  • Quiz Night with the Scratch Cat! was a screamer game developed by Redlarkk on January 3, 2019. The game features simple yes/no questions asked by the Scratch Cat, and players who answer incorrectly are prompted to try again. This pattern continues until the fifth question, which presents a jumble of meaningless letters. Regardless of the player's answer, a screamer featuring Ima Socchi flying from the TV with a loud demonic scream ensues. On the game's title screen, players can press 'Z' to view the instructions. However, pressing 'Y' triggers a warning screamer. Although the game was initially removed from the Scratch website on January 28, 2019, it was subsequently re-uploaded on May 3, 2019, and then again on August 25, 2019, before being removed once more.[112]
  • was a website that redirected to an online Flash game. It was created with the Hello Mario Engine plugin by AnimatorXP for the "Create your own screamer!" contest, which was held on January 1, 2016. The game itself pretends to be a free flash port of Super Mario Bros. 3. When the player dies, a flashing picture of Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist appears with a loud scream. But you can go to the end where the random item is going to be where you can receive a mushroom, a flower, or a star, but when you jump on that item, the same screamer will appear too.[113]
  • Smb3free.exe was a screamer video game made in 2016 by Jackyfeli on FANDOM. It was a fan-sequel of When starting the game, the intro is shown before going to the game's main menu. When opening one of the game files, the world map appears. There is only a single level to choose from. When entering the level, a picture of Regan MacNeil pops up with a scream followed by the game crashing.


  • Blackcom was a screamer application-based malware created by FlashUpload and coded in VBScript. Upon launching, it presents a deceptive error message that resembles a Microsoft Word issue, claiming that characters in MSWORD.EXE are not understood. Shortly afterward, it displays a false binary error message and prompts the user to include specific characters in an error report. Subsequently, Blackcom generates additional fake error messages related to svchost.exe and DRVSTORE, indicating the lack of an essential system file and the inability of Windows to run. Shortly, the trojan induces a system shutdown and corrupts hal.dll in the System32 directory, making Windows unbootable. Additionally, Blackcom changes the homepage to a YouTube screamer, although the specific content of the screamer remains unknown.[114][115]

Partially Lost screamers

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  • Fishing Collection!! was a screamer game created by Redlarkk. On the title screen, players could press 'Z' to access the instructions. If the player then pressed 'O', it loaded up a jumpscare warning—the only way of knowing that the game was not "legitimate". To win, the player had to click on 10 swimming fish, and they would be presented with a screen 'calculating their total time'. After 9–12 seconds, an edited version of Eris (with wider pupils than usual) popped up with a loud demonic scream—then presented the player with a "Thanks for playing" screen, including Ellis from The screamer was deleted in early 2019 but was soon reuploaded on July 20, 2019. It was re-uploaded again on August 25, 2019, after being voluntarily taken down.[116]
  • Horreur (translated from French as "Horror") was a screamer game based on Jeremy Winterrowd's The Maze. Published on Scratch on October 11th, 2017, by the French user J13R, the game's objective is to navigate the dot through three levels without touching the walls. If the player hits the walls, a red background with the text "Sal nul recommence" appears, roughly translating to "Salt no one starts again." At the final level's end, a picture of Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist appears with a loud scream, freezing the game on the image until it restarts.[117][118][119][120][121]The remake can be playable [ here].
  • Meinzwilling was a German Flash screamer game on the Universal Pictures Germany website as a subpage, created as a promotion for the 2009 horror film Unborn. The player's objective was to search for a ghost inside a picture, magnifiable with the mouse scroll wheel. After a few seconds of zooming, a slideshow of zombies appears with a loud scream. "Meinzwilling" translates to "mytwin" in German. Due to archiving issues, the game does not function on the Wayback Machine, making it lost to time. However, scattered online videos, mainly on YouTube, showcase the game being played.[122][123]
  • Thrones of Evil Santa Saga (also known as Evil Halloween Santa) was a screamer game created by Jeffrey Domingo on October 31, 2014. Delisted from the app store, the gameplay resembles Piano Tiles. Missing a tap triggers Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist to pop up with a male scream and the text "I'm At Your Back." Despite instructing players to tap only pumpkin heads, none are present. The game gained popularity when Twitch streamer Jerma985 played it on December 29, 2016.[124]


A snapshot before the screamer, as seen in What Are They Staring At?
  • What Are They Staring At? FunnyPrankWithWebCam was a YouTube screamer video uploaded on February 12, 2006, by the user Flashinthemix. It disguises itself as a scare prank collection to lure the viewer into a trap by posing as a typical screamer reaction video. On a black background, the white text "PLEASE GO FULL SCREEN FOR THIS PRESENTATION" is shown, followed by blood-red text asking "What are they staring at?" while horror music plays. The montage then begins, with a group of people reacting to Liquid Generation screamers. At 1:38, just before a man in a blue shirt and bandanna sees his reaction, an image of Regan MacNeil pops up with an extremely loud scream. The blood-red text then returns to say "this creation by Savage and bboyflashback." It claims to show some bonus clips before the same screamer appears the second time at 1:49. Then, it plays one last reaction to end the video.
The "Have You Seen Me?" poster made by Lost Media Wiki.
  • Super Mario 64 Big Star Secret was a partially lost YouTube screamer video centered on the "secret" from Super Mario 64. Initially uploaded by Adam "LotusMan17" Bounds on August 15th, 2007, the video was deleted from the channel in late 2012. The video begins with a series of steps presented on a black screen, followed by Lotus executing the actions. One of the instructions involves circling the courtyard statue for a specific duration. After instructing the player to kick the Boo, they are directed to press the "A" button on the wall, concluding with an abrupt appearance of the K-fee zombie from the "Auto" commercial, interrupting the video. The video concludes with credits scrolling from the top, possibly with the top saying, "trolled lol." Originally, the video featured three different songs for the gameplay and credits, but they were muted due to copyright issues.[125]
  • Ultimate Prank Game was a screamer video or game uploaded to YouTube by TingSing on June 8, 2008. Despite being a game, there is no download link, as per the description. The video begins with TingSing presumably opening the application file for the game on their computer. The game, a maze with red areas, a multicolored orb as the control, and a glowing rock as the end, starts immediately. While the first two levels seem normal, just before completing the third level, a picture of a hooded boy with fangs, glowing eyes, and scars appears with the same scream later used in Sonic.exe.[126][127]
  • ВИD in Underwater was a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by BND on April 20, 2019. As the title suggests, the majority of the video focuses on the BND Logo but in an underwater setting. The video first shows a ball falling down, then it explodes, revealing the BND logo. This goes on for a few seconds until a picture of the BND logo with no eyes appears along with door-breaking sounds. There are also some effects such as particles and filters added to it.[128][129]
  • An Unedited Clip from Spongebob was a screamer video created by Redlark on September 22, 2019. The video showcases a clip from the SpongeBob SquarePants episode Spongebob in Randomland, which appears unedited until the very end. In the original episode, Squidward opens several doors that reveal distorted versions of himself, but when he opens the third door, his room appears for a split second, followed by a flashing image of Suicide Squidward and a distorted sound effect, referencing the infamous creepypasta. The video, which amplified the sound and applied a filter to deceive viewers into believing it was truly unedited, was later deleted for an unknown reason. However, it is the same clip from the episode.[130][131]
  • ELMO KILLS IT WITH A CANADIAN DESTROYER! was a screamer video uploaded by YouTube user ThatPulseman 876 on March 16, 2019. The video is only four seconds in length and starts with a brief clip of Elmo doing a "Canadian destroyer". Immediately at 0:01, a picture of Sinistar from the arcade game Sinistar pops up with the same scream from The Maze. The video was deleted because the creator's account was terminated for an unknown reason.[132][133]
  • Mysterious Blue Dot was a screamer video uploaded to YouTube in 2012 by the creator of the Hell Dot video. Starting with a blue dot on a black background zooming in and out, after about a minute, a picture of a man with empty eye sockets appears with a loud scream. While the video has been deleted, media still exist in online videos.[134][135]
  • Pony Screamer was a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by Pony Lovin on December 30, 2013. Starting with a clip from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode Baby Cakes, specifically the scene where Pinkie Pie searches for her parents' twins, Pound and Pumpkin Cake, in a dark hallway, the video takes a surprising turn. As Pinkie Pie finds Pound Cake crawling on the ceiling, an upside-down picture of a crazed Twilight Sparkle from the episode Lesson Zero appears with a loud noise.[136]
  • Scary Closet Pop Up was a screamer video created by Scary and Fun in 2012. Although the video faced deletion for unknown reasons in 2017, it experienced a reupload only to be removed once again. It opens with a warning, cautioning viewers about potential frights. The sequence begins with a picture featuring a slightly open door, succeeded by another image accompanied by the text: "What the Fudge is that noise?! I Wonder what's in the closet." As the image gradually zooms in, a startling picture of Regan MacNeil emerges, coupled with a loud scream. The image then fades, revealing credits. The creator later made its version of the screamer, with the screamer edited out to be SFW instead.[139][140]
  • Scary VeggieTales Theme Song Reversed was a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by user MST3KFTW ButtUglyMartiansFTL on January 29th, 2016. The channel faced termination due to multiple copyright strikes. The video appears to be a modified version of a video by Paul Stompbox, initially lacking a screamer. It starts with the 2001 VeggieTales intro played in reverse, albeit in poor quality. The video incorporates numerous subliminal (and satanic) messages. Following one of the Josh clips and just before Bob and Larry's introduction, the screamer from Ghost in the London Dungeon appears, accompanied by other mixed screams. Hoewever, The screamer footage used may have come from the Nuclear Bomb Test in the Pacific Ocean, as the Winterrowd link is visible on the bottom right (though this might have been present in the original video).[141][142]
  • Screen show (23 issues) Timati was a Russian-based screamer uploaded to YouTube by Nikita Selmanovich (formerly Снегерек) on December 1, 2015. The video comprises low-quality images of a mountainside by a lake, a meadow, and a beach zooming in and out without any accompanying audio. However, after the beach image, a black-and-white picture of a man's face with white lights replacing his eyes appears, accompanied by a low-pitched drone sound. The video concludes with Russian text appearing on a black background. In 2019, a variation titled "Breathtaking" was uploaded by user Aaah Museum, removing the Russian text at the end.[143][144]
  • Sr Pelo GIF was a screamer video created and uploaded to YouTube by RainbowLauncher85. The video presents, as promised by the title, a .gif of the Sr Pelo plush. After 10 seconds, the video abruptly transitions to a clip of the Teletoon at Night Bumper, disrupting the viewer. The original video was later removed, and a remade version was uploaded by the same creator in 2021. The account was eventually terminated, hosting the remade version.[145][146]
  • Teletubbies Walk It Out was a screamer video uploaded by an unknown YouTube user in 2007. Although the original has been deleted, a reaction video confirms its existence.[1] In 2017, Rohan Hordern remade it. The video kicks off with a clip from the extended opening, featuring Dipsy randomly pushing buttons. Originally intended to play "Baa Baa Black Sheep" with sheep sounds, this user edited it to play UNK's Walk It Out. Tinky Winky, Laa-Laa, and Po then get up from their beds and start dancing. Shortly after, a picture of Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist appears with a high-pitched scream. Unfortunately, the reaction video is blurry, leaving the creator unknown.[147][148]
  • Wilkins Coffee Commercial Made 1000000 Times Scarier was a screamer video uploaded by YouTube user ThatPulseman876, A.K.A RainLauncher85, in March 2019. Featuring a clip from the 1957 commercial "Jim Henson's Wilkins Coffee Commercials" the video edits in Sinistar to appear when Wilkins pulls the lever, accompanied by the same scream from The Maze. Both the remake and the original screamer became lost media due to the creator's account termination. However, DiscoverGuy1999 made a variation on April 4, 2023, using a loud, distorted clip from the Numberblocks episode Twelve at the 2:02 mark, where Twelve says "Rectangle rise!"—originally from a video titled "The FitnessGram Three Fours Loop Test."[149][150]


  • was a screamer webpage devised by Zeroxeon in 2015. As of 2016, the website ceased to exist. Upon opening, the website would exhibit a flashing, grayscale image of the face from What's Wrong? accompanied by an extremely loud and echoing scream. Additionally, the page utilized JavaScript 1.2 code, causing the window to rapidly move around the screen, making closure challenging. When attempting to exit the page, a blank message box with a question mark would appear and couldn't be closed. This website also served as inspiration for another website named[151][152]

Found Lost screamers

  • Gummy With a Twist was a screamer video released on YouTube on Sep 23rd, 2007 by the user Fuyumaha. The video begins with the Gummy Bear Song in Hungarian. Although it uses footage from the Gummibär Song in Hungarian, after 24 seconds, the K-fee Auto Commercial zombie interrupts the video. Subsequently, the infamous message "Now...Go Change Your Shorts And Get Back To Work!" is displayed. [153][154] As of 2024, it has been found by mex. [155]
Title screen from Her dreams
  • opetical illusion scary was a screamer video uploaded to YouTube by XSeedFatih on May 2nd, 2020. The video has been deleted for an unknown reason. The video starts with text saying "spot," then the next slide has another message that says "are you ready," the slide changes to two images of a tree and a blocked-viewed house as part of a "spot the difference" challenge, one green circle has been done for the viewer, but after 46 seconds, a drawing of Darth Maul from Star Wars pops up with a loud scream.[156]
  • Ghost Television, also known as Ghost TV, was a screamer Flash game created by Sugarqube, the same platform that hosted Murder Investigation and Night Vision. The screamer game pretends to be a surveillance camera game in which the player must search for a ghost inside an abandoned house. An EVP monitor is provided, which records a ghost message, and occasionally the voice can be heard saying "Help me." After a long period of searching, breathing can be heard, and the screen becomes snowy. At this point, a ghost boy briefly appears.
  • Her dreams was a screamer Scratch project created by Ryanthescreamerfan70, the same creator behind Is She Cute Or Not? and Give lily some candy! and other screamers. The project has been removed, likely due to violating the Scratch Community Guidelines. The project begins with a white background featuring a rose on the floor and pink text that says 彼女の夢 (translates to: "her dreams"). An anime girl sings a Plants vs. Zombies song with an AI cover in the background. It then transitions to a girl named Machi with light blue hair, a white dress, and green eyes holding a rose. She shares her dreams about true love as the pink text says, "こんにちは、私の名前はマチです。バラを摘むのが好きで、その日の夢が大好きです。私たちは私たちに親切です、私は素敵な女の子です!私たちはバラを摘むのが大好きです 彼女の夢の中で夢が叶います" (translates to: "Hello, my name is Machi. I like to pick roses, and I love to dream of the day. We are kind to us, I am a lovely girl! We love to pick roses In her dreams, dreams come true"). The scene shifts to the same girl with a sad expression, her hair messy, her eyes shadowed, her dress ripped, and her rose dead. The pink text expresses her loneliness and the potential harm to her dreams. She grabs a knife, contemplating her next move. The pink text repeats the theme of loneliness, and she ultimately takes her own life. Blood appears on her hand and chest. Following this, a skinned image of Machi with blacked-out eyes, bloody tears, a wide-open mouth, and messy hair pops up with the same scream from The Maze. The project concludes with the same intro and the pink text saying "終わり" (translates to: "The end").[157][158]
  • The Amazing Dancin' Cats was a Flash screamer animation created by Dycaite, the founder of the Lost Media Wiki, in 2006. The original site went down with this screamer. The animation starts with "The Amazing Dancin' Cats!" on a stage, and as the curtain rolls up, Yakety Sax by Benny Hill starts playing while three cats appear to "dance." At 00:18, an edited image of a doll with glass eyeballs and a scar pops up, accompanied by a loud scream. The video goes dark and displays messages in white text stating "Gotcha Again.", "by the Caite you love to hate.", and "Go away now." along with the creator's username and email. The screamer was lost in 2009 but later found in an archived state on the website in October 2016.[159][160]
  • Optical Illusion was a screamer video uploaded to YouTube on February 2, 2007, by Jon Shelton, also known as Mad Dad. The video features an introduction encouraging viewers to focus on a dot blurring in and out of focus. The majority of the video consists of a stationary image of the dot. However, at the 0:43 mark, Jon suddenly appears on the screen in a dark room, accompanied by a loud thunderclap, resulting in a jump scare that has earned the video notoriety among viewers. The video concludes with the Mad Dad Productions intro. The video was formerly private.
  • This Fella Needs to Poop was a screamer video by wiki user Mega Osodashi The video shows a black creature squatting down and raising his tail. Then his stomach grumbles, signaling his time to take a dump. When he's about to try to take a dump, at 00:05 the same flashing screamer from appeared. The screamer stays there until the video ends. On July 21, 2021, it was reuploaded to one of Mega Osodashi's YouTube accounts. In June 2021, the original version was deleted although a copy of it is still there on the Genesis Supernova channel.
  • Nightmares in a Nutshell was a screamer video made by Joe Vladimirovich Kurosawa and made on April 15, 2014. The video is 1:42, and most of it is creepy images and other screamer faces on a wobbling picture. At 0:51, 0:57, 1:01, and 1:05 Sonic.Exe pops up.[161][162]
  • Scary Vision Test was a screamer video hosted on the Scary and Fun site in 2012. Although the video was deleted, it saw a reupload in September 2017. The video kicks off with an intro and proceeds to display text, prompting the viewer to test their vision. The text's size varies, encouraging the viewer to scrutinize their computer screen closely. After 25 seconds, a close-up flashing image of a photoshopped man with fake blood appears, accompanied by a loud scream. Unfortunately, the original video is no longer accessible.[163]
  • Scary Pikachu pop-up was a screamer video uploaded by ArcadiaBlitz on February 23, 2021. It is 18 seconds long and initially shows a looping GIF of Pikachu dancing from the movie Detective Pikachu with music from Kinemaster playing. When the video reaches 13 seconds, an edited image of Pikachu with fangs and blood oozing out of its eyes appears, along with the scream featured in the screamer "Biggest hockey fight that has ever been in NHL." The screamer image originated from DeviantArt and was created by Rzochan. The original screamer has since become lost media due to the creator's account getting terminated for sexual content, although it's unknown when the channel had sexual content.[164][165] It would turn out to be in the Screamer Wiki Video archive.
  • Something Wrong was a screamer video published to Kapwing by wiki user Aid123 on March 19, 2021. The video has been deleted, and no archives were created. However, there exists a remake. The video prompts viewers to find something wrong in a picture of a dark school within 60 seconds. When the time elapses, a close-up picture of Satan appears along with the same scream from The Maze, followed by a picture of Cirno from Touhou with text saying "LOL."[166]
  • What the hell are you staring at? was a YouTube video created by BlitzRain85 on August 14th, 2022. It serves as the second Duckman screamer video after Subliminal message in duckman. It begins with Duckman repeatedly saying his famous catchphrase in various scenarios until the 14-second mark, where the same face from What's Wrong With This Picture? appears accompanied by the same scream from Scary Barney. During the scream, a slide created in the style of Movie Maker pops up with the message "Haha, gotcha". The video concludes after this slide, with a total duration of 23 seconds. The screamer later became lost media due to the creator's account getting terminated for an uncertain reason. As of May 18th, 2024, the video has been found and reuploaded onto YouTube.[167]


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