Osodashi Inflates and Floats like Balloon! SERIOUSLY!? (April Fools!)

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This page is about a screamer or shock site of which the original copy was deleted.

Osodashi Inflates and Floats like Balloon! SERIOUSLY!? (April Fools!), formerly known as Osodashi Inflates and Floats like Balloon! SERIOUSLY!?, was a screamer video made for April Fools Day 2021 by Crystal the Tanuccoon (also known as Mega Osodashi in this wiki) on YouTube.

The video would likely used to trick users into thinking there's a body inflation in the 35th episode of the 1981 children's anime series, Jankenman.

The video starts with a text saying that there's a scene with Masked Osodashi, a villain from Jankenman, inflating like a balloon when hose the wand is attached to touches him. After the text says: "If you want to see it what it looks like in action, then here it is!", the user is treated to the same flashing screamer from Micromachines.net23.net. The screamer plays in one minute, so after it the text shows up saying that it is an April Fools prank and the video is made to scare people. Then it says to make sure to subscribe by clicking the icon at the bottom left corner.

In May 2021, it is deleted for an unknown reason..

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NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

  • youtube.com/watch?v=7cbKH41m-Gw

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