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This page is about a lost screamer. If you have a copy of the screamer, please link it here or in the comments.
Maker: Zerexeon
Type: YouTube video
Release date: 2016 was a screamer webpage made by Zeroxeon on 2016, On November 4, 2016, the site is offline due to not protecting the account from the web-hosting site 000Webhost.

The site redirects to a fake article that explains how to hack in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, if the user clicks: "Read More", they are redirected to: "suprise.htm", this subpage contained a flashing picture of Amy from Fright Night, it is the same animated file of Mov0001.swf, trying to exit the page will result in an alert box that states the end-line from K-fee commercials, However, the user can still easily exit the page.

Because clicking the Read More button is a direct user interaction, those pop ups can bypass most of the script blockers, Additionally, They get prevented from opening in a new tab because it gets spawned in a temporary size and width.


WARNING: The website contains a screamer with flashing lights.



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