A Dark Place

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A Dark Place is a 2018 indie meta-horror game published by XerStudios. While the game is technically harmless to the host computer, it will frequently disrupt its normal operation to scare the player, typically by utilizing several joke programs that are packaged with the main executable and are automatically launched at certain points in the game. As a result, it is frequently detected and blocked by antivirus programs, which the developer advises the user to disable before playing.


The gameplay is to navigate through rooms, solve puzzles, and unlock doors to find four music boxes and complete the game. Throughout the four chapters, they will be pursued by a mysterious corruption (which begins as a white pixelated face before evolving into a photo-realistic skull) with special control over both the game and the user's computer.

The game is available here, as well as a "safe" version that removes many of the payloads. There is also a "stream-friendly" version of the game that removes the payload that turns off the infected computer but leaves all other payloads intact.

It jumpscares the player when trying to close the site.


NOTE: The following game contains a screamer, as well as a malicious script that may harm your computer!

  • xerstudios.itch.io/a-dark-place



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