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Searching Beyond Boundaries.

Searchify is a screamer website made by Tankman fan 44 on March 25th, 2024, it was made as a submission to the Create your own Screamer Contest. The concept disguises itself as a modern search engine with the slogan "Searching Beyond Boundaries" and was additionally written in PHP to display the search results.

The main page features a simple layout containing the Searchify logo and a search box, resembling the appearance of a typical search engine. It allows the viewer to type in any search term, and upon submission, they are taken to a seemingly innocuous page displaying a set of search results from different websites, including the search term the viewer had typed in. These results remain the same regardless of the input query.

However, if the viewer clicks or right-clicks anywhere on the page, it abruptly changes to a rapidly flashing background image that appears, showing a photo montage of various screamer images, while simultaneously opening a new popup window titled "pop.html", which displays the same content and contains a malicious script that makes the page bounce around the viewer's screen. Furthermore, the cursor becomes hidden, and the page title changes to "YOU HAVE BEEN TROLLED!". This is accompanied by a loud series of screams, such as the same sound effect used in Anne.jpg, and an ear-piercing beep sound. If the page is clicked a second time, it will begin to shake violently and trigger the same behavior mentioned previously, continuing to click on the page results in a series of more actions, including attempts to print the page, displaying alert dialogs, and entering full-screen mode in the browser.

If the viewer tried to close the page, a confirmation pop-up would appear stating the same message as the updated title.


NOTE: The following website contains a screamer with flashing lights!

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