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Fearnest.ru, or simply Fearnest, was a screamer collection website created and hosted by Joxitman (Alexander Volnov) in 2014.

The website had 15 screamers to select, one of which loads a flash animation of the selected screamer. Notable screamers were also added to the collection such as Mov0001.swf, Regan MacNeil, Smile Dog and What's Wrong? face. Clicking on any of the screamers triggers an alert box stating: "How close?" in 4 different languages (Russian, English, Arabic and Portuguese). This will continue to appear because the page automatically refreshes until the user closes the browser or disables any dialog boxes on the site.

Above, there is a viewcount, which had reached 183804 in May 2015. Clicking it leads to uop.su, a russian forum site. There is a moving square at the top right corner, which supposedly leads to joxit.ru, the creator's other website, which contained links to social medias. There is another moving square beneath. Clicking it leads to a subdomain of Joxit.ru: screamer (screamer.joxit.ru), a counterpart of the original Fearnest. There are some easter eggs hidden on this site. If the player presses the F5 and the update key on the main page, the color of the frame will change.


In 2012 or late-2011, the domain: Fearnest.ru was registerd by Alexander Volnov under the online pseudonym: joxitman, presenting the same content as already described above, the domain: prison-fakes.ru was also registered in the same year, hosted by Alexander himself, a second counterpart of the original Fearnest but with different screamers, Throughout the months, the color of the frame begins to change, the site, Fearnest, have continued until being parked in mid-2017, though as of August 8th, 2020, Alexander intended to add a redirect to a screamer portal of prison-fakes.ru.


NOTE: The following website contains screamers with flashing lights!

  • web.archive.org/web/20150302061046/fearnest.ru

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