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Closed Website
This article is about a website that no longer exists. Links to its archive on the Wayback Machine or a saved copy are provided.

Fearnest.ru is a screamer collection website created and hosted by Alexander Volnov, known by the username Joxitman. Launched in 2014, the site featured 15 screamers, allowing users to select from popular ones like Mov0001.swf, Regan MacNeil, Smile Dog, and the What's Wrong? face.

Upon clicking a screamer, an alert box prompted users in Russian, English, Arabic, or Portuguese, asking "How close?" The page then automatically refreshed until the user closed the browser or disabled any dialog boxes. The site garnered a view count of 183,804 by May 2015, leading users to a Russian forum called uop.su. Fearnest also included a moving square in the top right corner, directing users to Joxitman's other website, joxit.ru, which housed links to his social media accounts. Another moving square below led to a subdomain of Joxit.ru called "screamer," acting as a counterpart to the original Fearnest. The site held hidden Easter eggs, such as changing the frame color by pressing F5 and the update key on the main page.


In 2012 or late 2011, Alexander Volnov registered the domain Fearnest.ru under the online pseudonym Joxitman. Another domain, prison-fakes.ru, registered and hosted by Alexander in the same year, served as a second counterpart to the original Fearnest, featuring different screamers. Over the months, the frame color changed, and Fearnest continued until being parked in mid-2017. As of August 8th, 2020, Alexander intended to add a redirect to a screamer portal of prison-fakes.ru.


A snapshot of the Onetime.club page in 2015.

Onetime.club was a screamer webpage related to Fearnest. When opened, the main page displayed 12 screamers for users to choose from:

  • "Пучеглазик" (Chuvikha) - Still from the movie "Return of the Living Dead."
  • "Manson" - Jeff The Killer.
  • "Пришелец" (Alien) - a gray face without eyes.
  • "Майнкрафт" (Minecraft) - An edited image of YouTuber Frain.
  • "Чувиха (Girl)" - Regan MacNeil.
  • "Слендер" (Slender) - Slender Man.
  • "Привидение" (Ghost) - The Night Guest.
  • "Крик" (Scream) - Scream mask from the classic 1996 movie franchise called "Scream."
  • "Анюта" (Anyuta) - Rightxd.org.
  • "Челюсть" (Jaw) - The face of a girl with a tear in its mouth.
  • "Бобби" (Bobby) - A picture of Cockmongler, manZor.de/1489.

The site was created by a man named "Larionov TV." Since all the screamers are animated, and to view the screamer, Adobe Flash must be enabled, the message on top reads: "Do you want to scare your friends too?" (Translates to: "Хочешь также напугать друзей?!").


NOTE: the following websites contain multiple links to screamers!

  • web.archive.org/web/20150302061046/fearnest.ru
  • Onetime.club web.archive.org/web/20160807104048/onetime.club/screamer.php



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