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One Week at Flumpty's 2016 (My Version) is a screamer video made by Patricky, the guy who creates his Youtube Poops and The Wacky Night at Flumpty's series. The video was based on the original by the Romanian Youtuber named Lulitm.

The game begins with the same plot as Lultim's original showing the menu, the mouse pointer will click the text of New Game to play it, the game shows the office with corpses of SpongeBob and Pinocchio, it also shows a planet Earth with the text marked as I'm Flat, which was very unknown, the text on top of Earth it says when you press that if you die, the office also has a poster with faces of the antagonists from the One Night at Flumpty's series will appear in different nights.

  • Birthday Boy Blam (Night 1)
  • Beaver and Owl (Night 2)
  • Redman and Grunkfuss the Clown (Night 3)
  • Eyesaur and the Red Dudes (Night 4)
  • Flumpty Bumpty (Night 5)
  • ??? (Night 6)

The monitor is shown to see the cameras showing as the cameras from One Week at Flumpty's, you will wait after you touch Earth before watching the cameras, if you took off the monitor when you touch Earth, a collection of various well-known screamer faces resembling the faces appearing in I Hate You.Exe will appear coming with the same screamer sound from SCP-450, these images include:

These images seemed to be when they headbutt the screen during the screamer slideshow, as the screamer sound stops, the screen cuts to black as we see a clip of Krusty the Clown from The Simpsons when he sees the screamer asking that what is that and the video ends.

The video was uploaded by Youtube on August 14 2016 before the video has its copies on VidoEmo and Internet Archives.


  • The face of ??? on Night 6 was nicknamed as Golden Flumpty, who is a Golden Freddy copy.
  • When the text underneath on Earth when you die is a reference to Lulitm's video franchise called World of Jumpscares.
  • The screamer in the original version of the video was replaced by a clip of jumpscares of Flumpty and his friends attacking the player in a video created by Lulitm called One Night at Flumpty's History all Jumpscares and Credits when the original video ends, it shows the credits from One Night at Flumpty's and One Night at Flumpty's 2, the screen when there's jumpscares and credits the video zooms into their faces and their texts.
  • One of the comments of One Week at Flumpty's 2016 (My Version) was Lultim's response, which says: "Is like all of these Creepypasta images in one, let's go to show kids, don't touch planet toys when you're watching the cameras in Flumpty Bumpty's Playground." but then Patricky's respond appears saying: "No, that sounds really boring.".


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer




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