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Baikinman's Heartbeat is a screamer video published on Veoh and later on YouTube made by Para Para Revolution (known in this wiki as Mega Osodashi), on YouTube as The SkyMAX Channel and in Veoh as GenerationForce).

The video shows a clip from an episode of Anpanman, "Anpanman and Dokinchan," in which Baikinman, the show's main antagonist, sleeps before his heartbeats. The audio is very poor in quality, urging viewers to turn it up. At 0:11, after Baikinman hops out to see what's going on, an image of Giygas from the video game EarthBound pops up, accompanied by a creator's loud scream.

The video then cuts to footage from the Japan-only video game TwinBee RPG, which has white text reading "HAHAHA! Gotcha this time! Made in part by GenerationForce.", accompanied by Whenever Love by Ken Laszlo.


Baikinman had severe heart palpitations while sleeping. The clip is from the Soreike! Anpanman episode "Anpanman and Dokinchan". You must turn the volume up to hear it because it's very low!

All characters in this video belongs to their respective owners.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

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