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This page is about a screamer or shock site which doesn't appear to exist anymore.
If you have any copies of this, please add them to the page.

Plafo the Platformer.exe was a screamer game for windows made with GameMaker Lite 8.1.

In this game, players control the main (And only) character named Plafo, and supposedly, the goal of the game is to avoid the obstacles and reach the black lines at the end of the screen. When the game is launched, The player will start off in the First Level while chiptune music plays. There is nothing special in the first level as there is nothing to avoid. When reaching the second level, Plafo needs to avoid a big hole, if Plafo falls in the hole, the whole level restarts.

When reaching the Fifth level, there will be red blocks with "OOF" written on them and the only way to avoid them is to pull a Yellow Lever so that the "OOF" blocks can be destroyed. And finally, when reaching the Final Seventh Level, instead of the black lines there will be a black door with the "OOF" Blocks surrounding it. When pulling the Yellow Lever which destroys the "OOF" blocks, and when touching the Black Door, a gray face with black eyes and mouth appears, without a scream.



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