What Happens Next Challenge! (Play with a friend!)

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This page is about a screamer or shock site which doesn't appear to exist anymore.
If you have any copies of this, please add them to the page.

What Happens Next Challenge! (Play with a friend!) was a screamer video created by Redlarkk. It appears as a typical video, where the viewer must watch part of a video. The video will then pause for eleven seconds. There are eight clips in total; all of which are from reddit with the exception of the last, which is Little Dancing Girl.

All Videos

  • Clip #1 - features a person demonstrating a weirdly designed wallet. The video pauses when the person places a $2 bill in it. Once the video resumes; it is revealled that by opening the wallet differently, the money has now been put in the slot.
  • Clip #2 - the video features a man walking down the street. After three steps the video pauses. Once the video resumes; a mirror crashes onto the ground right next to him, so close that his keffiyeh comes off his head. He looks at the smashed mirror and begins to resume walking in shock.
  • Clip #3 - focuses on a man throwing a glass bottle on the floor twice, watching it bounce each time. As he's about to throw it a third time; the video pauses. When the video resumes, the man throws the bottle and it bounces into the oven, causing it to smash.
  • Clip #4 - is a man getting into his car. Then, a lorry drives by and a tire comes off, smashing into the headlight. The clip then pauses as the tire rolls off. When the clip resumes; another tire comes down and smashes into the roof of the car, nearly killing the driver, who got out just before the tire fell.
    • Clip #5 - shows a plate of potatoes coming to a group of people on a table. Someone grabs a potato and the clip pauses. When the clip resumes; the person tears the potato revealling it is actually bread.
    • Clip #6 - is a mother and their son at a baby gender reveal party. The mother is about to burst the balloon as the clip pauses. When the clip resumes, the mother bursts the balloon, and nothing happens. The camera pans to another woman who takes off her wig revealling blue hair; signifying a son.
  • Clip #7 - is CCTV footage of a man investigating a motorbike, as if he's going to steal it. When it looks like he's about to hop on it - the clip pauses. When resumed; it is shown that the man was actually after a small tricycle behind the motorbike, and rides off on it.
  • Clip #8 - is Little Dancing Girl. The clip is sped up to appear more natural. When the girl goes out of frame, the clip pauses. Instead of pausing for eleven seconds; this is only paused for eight seconds. Instantly after the clip is resumed, the demonic red girl appears in front of the camera and lets out an ear piercing scream.

Once the screamer is finished; text comes up telling the viewer that if a video seems creepy or dodgy, even though it shouldn't be, it is most likely not what you think it is.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

  • youtube.com/watch?v=64gwS0gUadQ



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