Cute kitten pictures (with a TWIST)

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Cute kitten pictures (with a TWIST) is a long screamer video made by Mirnesa Hadzic on 23 Jan 2021.

The video, sticking true to its title, is a small montage of images of cats and kittens (except the final one, which is one of the images of the rabbit and the deer from Offended). At 15 seconds, an image of Pazuzu appears with music playing, whilst the image is followed by others like Regan MacNeil, Pennywise, Arthur.exe, the zombified Michael Jackson from Proof of Michael Jackson's Ghost, James Root, the demonic red girl from Little Dancing Girl, the zombie and gargoyle from the K-fee Auto and Beach commercials, the inverted face from Jingle Bells Reversed and Smile Dog. It also contains a series of images of graphic content, like the image of the lady with knives from Death Clock and Color Vision Deficiency Test, the man with the torn-in-half head from Man Has Terrible Jump Off Ledge, and a lady with her face pulled off. The entire montage lasts for several minutes, and finally the “AIN’T THAT SOMETHING?” text from Subliminal Messages In Linkin Park's 'One Step Closer' pops up, and slowly zooms out.

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NOTE: You know the drill; the following video contains multiple screamers and graphic content!