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Katie Embry is a supporting character from the horror movie The Ring. She was killed by Samara Morgan (seen in some screamers), confronting the evil entity of Samara Morgan. She is also one of Samara Morgan's victims.

The person who plays Katie Embry, Amber Tamblyn, goes on to a star in another American adaption of a Japanese horror film, The Grudge 2, also known as Ju-On 2. Amber plays the main character Aubrey, who was pursued by Kayako Saeki, who is very similar to Samara.

The pictures of Katie being killed by Samara are commonly used in screamers, such as Follow the Red Dot and more.

Amber Tamblyn

Katie Embry's role was played by Amber Tamblyn.

Visual Description

The image depicts Katie screaming, possibly angrily, at the camera. She has red hair, pale green skin (the lighting may have affected this), with an open mouth and eyes without pupils. There is pinkish-red coloring around both of her eyes.




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