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Legal Note
Please do not provide any links to this screamer/shock site since it is illegal to distribute in the vast majority of countries.
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Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

Offended is a shock webpage hosted on the website Encyclopedia Dramatica. The page was created on the original website on August 17, 2007, by user named Fishing Cat. According to OhInternet, a month after the page was created it had the Limecat image on top. Offensive pages on the site contain a template titled "Offended" at the top of the page, which attempts to trick the user into viewing the Offended page. This template includes a box displaying a looping GIF of the Wikipedia logo, The Star of David, the blood drop cross, and a swastika along with the text "Offended? If you have been offended by "(article name)", please click here and scroll slowly down to the bottom of the page." which links to the page, the purpose of which is to offend/gross out the viewer as much as possible. Due to the page's differing legality (obscene animal abuse) in many countries, it has been blocked and unblocked in the past.


If you have been offended by "Offended",
please click here and scroll slowly down to the bottom of the page.

Alternatively, some articles contain a template at the top of the page titled "FED", which looks like this:

Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity
Does this page cross the line?
If you believe Offended violates Federal Law, please click here to report it immediately!
The FBI has offices around the world and can be contacted around the clock, every day of the year.

In 2012, a template was added to articles relating to Islam titled "OffendedMuslims", which links to a page titled Reporting Un-Islamic Content:

Potentially Un-Islamic content.

Do you feel that the article Offended goes against the Sunnah
of the Prophet (ﷺ)? We are here to help! Please click here!

In June 2022, a template was added to the Manchild article titled "OffendedKids", which links to the Offended page:

Feelings Hurt?

Awww... Did this page, Offended, huwt youw feewings?
Click here and we'll make your boo-boo feel all better.

The page begins with a message at the top of the page that reads "THANKS FOR YOUR CONCERN. Were you offended by what you just saw? Please scroll SLOWLY to the bottom of this page and we will be happy to rectify your situation. =)". Below this message is a string of images in order: an image of the "Limecat" meme, a baby rabbit, a chick, a dog, and finally, a deer and a rabbit. Under the final "normal" image is a large montage of gruesome images depicting pornography, gore, mutilation, rape, diseases, cannibalism, trypophobia, necrophilia, and so on.

The Offended page has changed a bit since its creation in 2007, and some images featured in the past are not included on the page today. However, most images from the original Offended page have remained untouched since the page was created.

Imagery featured

NOTE: Some of the images listed here are no longer on the Offended page due to several ED domain name changes over the years.

  • All images from The Pain Series.
  • The Worst picture ever.
  • A image of a man defecating in a woman's mouth with the caption "Roofle. Owned. Scrub." next to Something Awful's grenade logo.
  • Images from
  • An image of a woman widely stretching her vagina.
  • A GIF of the Jarsquatter video.
  • A GIF of a nude anime girl cutting her stomach, only for her to be beheaded by another lady with a sword.
  • A picture of Chris Farley's corpse.
  • An image of an old black woman who was lynched in the 1800s.
  • An GIF of a pig getting beheaded by a chainsaw.
  • Various images from GoreJunkies.
  • An image of an exploding man's face.
  • An image of a cat with no face. (Chase no face)
  • Lamprey Disease.
  • A picture of a man eating feces from a woman's anus.
  • An Image of feces going into a woman's mouth out of another woman's vagina.
  • An archived image of a brutally degloved face saved from
  • A bloodied anus.
  • A fetish image of a girl with at least more than 10 tits on her body with dicks shooting milk out of her nipples onto another female.
  • Images of the Blue Waffle STD.
  • A penis with a severe case of smegma.
  • A moldy vagina dripping with puss forming a tumor.
  • A decomposed head with a corpse stabbed by a tree.
  • A traumatic degloved leg with the flesh being fully visible.
  • The results of a shotgun facewash that was used by a Russian man.
  • A man with his head stabbed.
  • A low-quality image of a Loli about to get raped.
  • Pictures from Run the Gauntlet.
  • A chopped off finger.
  • A man with two dildos up his anus.
  • A mutilated vagina, with mold forming as the flesh is sticking out.
  • A infected ball sack with warts and smegma forming around it.
  • A image of a corpse.
  • A picture of a Indian man with his head ripped off.
  • A modified penis with a long, round silver ring going through the urethra with a circle formed around it.
  • A mutilated penis with feces on it.
  • A edited image of a man with two vaginas sticking a stapler up his clit.
  • A edited image of a smiling Japanese schoolgirl with warts and hives covering her arms and legs.
  • A picture of yellow diarrhea that was taken from a shockumentary.
  • The Tubgirl image.
  • The Screamer Cactus image.
  • The Mac User image.
  • The Zippocat panel from YTMND.
  • An image of a dead dog laying on the floor.
  • The Prolapse Man image.
  • A man performing fellatio on another man's large penis.
  • A man with a large glass bottle inside his anus.
  • The Milk Fountain image.
  • An image of a key stuck in a man's foot.
  • An image of a woman licking a yellow dildo covered in feces with the 2chan watermark.
  • image.
  • A man's face smashed in by a bear which is also featured on
  • The Special Fried Rice image.
  • Robert Beckowitz's corpse.
  • The Meatspin GIF.
  • A picture of Nikki Catsouras' corpse.
  • A very large spider.
  • A GIF of 3 Guys 1 Hammer.
  • A GIF of a man kicking a cat against a wall.
  • All images.
  • An image of a man resembling Justin Bieber with his penis cut off.
  • A GIF of Mr. Creosote vomiting from the 1983 musical sketch comedy film Monty Python's The Meaning of Life.
  • An image of two women licking a defecating person's anus.
  • A GIF of a man cutting off the tip of his penis. (The same clip used in Victory Screeeeech but converted to GIF).
  • A woman impaled on a spear from the movie Cannibal Holocaust.
  • Pictures of anal prolapse.
  • A flashlight inside a man's anus.
  • An image of a person's severely cut fingers.
  • A GIF of Bill Thompson committing suicide from the movie Boogie Nights.
  • The Hai2u Image.
  • An image of a penis with a plate of vegetables on it, and beside it and an image of it mixed in noodles.
  • An image of JaSonic putting his penis onto a Sonic plush doll covered in feces which is laying on a diaper.
  • An image of a dog vomiting.
  • Artwork of a female furry fox disemboweling herself.
  • All images from
  • The Shovel Dog GIF.
  • The image.
  • A picture of Louis Tomlinson.
  • The "Full Lemon Party" image is seen on
  • An image of a dismembered body covered in blood from a top-view perspective.
  • A Rule 34 image of Marie Kanker licking Edd's penis from Ed, Edd n Eddy.
  • A man with his scrotum and testicles cut off, which are laying in front of him.
  • A feces-covered teddy bear next to additional feces.
  • A woman with her vagina full of cockroaches.
  • A bottle in a man's anus as seen on Bottle Guy.
  • Various pictures of roadkill animals.
  • A man stomping on a skinny African child.
  • A penis inside a dream catcher.
  • A man with his head smashed in.
  • A GIF of a mouse getting blended.
  • Various images of animal cruelty.
  • A picture of Bianca Devins dead body.
  • A molten skull with a video cassette inside of it.
  • A woman's degloved face.
  • Harlequin Fetus pictures.
  • Various pornographic images.
  • A GIF of a woman with a 7-Up bottle inside her anus.
  • A montage of screenshots from 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick.
  • A photo of a burned baby.
  • A dirty grease trap.
  • A penis with feces on it.
  • Furry pornography.
  • An image of a decapitated wolf's head inside a toilet.
  • An edited GIF of a kitten on a slide that falls into a hole of fire.
  • An image of a seal with its skin degloved.
  • Rule 34 images.
  • A knife in a man's penis.
  • An image of a Soup with cockroaches in it.
  • An image of a woman defecating on top of a wall.
  • Two girls licking a man's anus covered in feces.
  • A man putting his hand inside a woman's anus and smearing it on her.
  • A picture of a girl smearing scat on herself.
  • An image of a woman holding up a dog with its insides exposed.
  • An image of a fat woman cosplaying as Wonder Woman.
  • An image of a prolapsed vagina.
  • A GIF of a head being shoved into a vagina.
  • A GIF of a blood-covered dog (one of the scenes from a Run the Gauntlet video).
  • An image of a man with rectal prolapse.
  • Images from
  • Images from Rate My Poo.
  • John F. Kennedy's corpse.
  • A severed head in a field.
  • An image of a vampire woman slitting herself with a knife (the image used on the EvilStick bootleg).
  • A woman crushing a kitten's head with her foot.
  • A man getting ripped apart.
  • A painting of Saturn Devouring His Son by Francisco Goya.
  • A viral GIF of a man exploding sperm whale carcasses.
  • An infected foot.
  • A GIF of a man inserting a worm inside his penis.
  • An image of Ali Shallal al-Qaisi.
  • An image of a skinned skunk.
  • A GIF of cow slaughter.
  • A GIF of a kitten getting repeatedly hit with a hammer.
  • A GIF of a woman vomiting into a man's mouth, the same actors depicted in Waifu Basics.
  • Bob Crane's corpse.
  • A picture of a woman with blood coming out of her eyes, trapped on the bed with a large cross inside her mouth.
  • A seal with its eyes bulged out of its sockets.

After the gigantic montage is a cartoon image of a couple looking back at a disturbed man while calling him "Offended as fuck", along with a few other non-shocking images. In 2009, the bottom of the page contained seven lines of large text reading "AIN'T THAT SOMETHING???!", with each line being a different color. In 2010, an image of Patrick Star with his mouth and eyes opened wide (which would later become an internet meme known as Surprised Patrick) from The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie and rainbow text reading "LULZ" was featured in the article. In 2011, a picture of former U.S. President Barack Obama was shown, and in 2018 and 2019, pictures of former U.S. President George W. Bush, former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, and a link to the Offended Song were added. In 2019 on ED's sixth domain, new shock images were added to the page, but are no longer available due to ED's sixth domain shutting down and not all images being imported.

The bottom of the page also contains the "Offended" template as featured in many articles, except the words "click here" now link to the official Last Measure website made by the GNAA, which is currently hosted on

The Offended page became the Featured article in Encyclopedia Dramatica on April 14, 2011, and was advertised on the front page of the website for every visitor to see, thus tricking thousands of the site's visitors into viewing the page. The Offended page was also the featured article for April 27 and 28, 2013. Eventually, the Offended page became the crown jewel of Encyclopedia Dramatica, and is the third most viewed article on the current site, behind "Isabella Lorreta Janke" and "Chris-chan". Several YouTubers have made Reaction videos of themselves visiting the article on this site and attempting to reach the bottom of the page, adding to the page's popularity. A creepypasta about the article was also made by Tsnophaljakarax on April 24th, 2017[2] based off of easily accessing the page by typing "Offended" in the search bar in Google, and clicking I'm Feeling Lucky. This tactic no longer works and instead redirects to a Merriam-Webster entry on the term "offend".


Before shocking content

After shocking content

The gruesome article ends with images of various politics, memes, and "AINT THAT SOMETHING???!" in each of the seven rainbow colors. Note that some of these images are currently not featured on the page, but have been featured in the past.


The Offended song by Micfri, here's a safe place for you. Click this link for relaxing music.



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