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YTMND, an abbreviation for You're the Man Now, Dog, is an entertainment website that hosts user-generated creations featuring tiles of images with looping sounds (or music) playing in the background. The site was founded by Max Goldberg in 2001, under the domain However, the said domain instead leads to the original creation made by Max himself. The homepage can be redirected to

Max launched, along with, in 2001 after seeing a Finding Forrester trailer featuring William Forrester (portrayed by the late Sean Connery), in which he says "You're the Man Now, Dog". The site displays an array of the same image of the actor (at the 1999 Cannes Film Festival), along with a 3D text that says "YOU'RE THE MAN NOW DOG.COM", while a looping sound file of Connery reciting the phrase "You're the man now, dog" plays in the background. 


Because YTMND launched at a time when screamers and shock sites became popular, users have created a few screamer/shock site-related pages, including the original Meatspin mirror, Ridin Spinnaz.

The phrase "Not even doom music" originated on YTMND in the comments of a page featuring an array of still-frame images taken from the Zippocat video. The video currently remains lost, as the post containing the video was removed, and the link has been excluded from the Internet Archive. However, the YTMND featuring the images from the video currently remains available.


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