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Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

Legal Note
Please do not provide any links to this screamer/shock site since it is illegal to distribute in the vast majority of countries.
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Worst picture ever is a shock webpage located on Encyclopedia Dramatica and made by Cornholejim on October 24th, 2007. According to the article, it was featured on the "apparently deceased website worstpictureever.com". However, there are no captures on the Wayback Machine with the image present. The page features a long photo collage of imagery involving dead people, genital diseases, mutilation, gore, pornography, and more gruesome content. Some of the images were also featured on Offended.

Images Featured

  • Two images from gap.zip.
  • The Tubgirl image.
  • A picture of Joseph Stalin.
  • A picture of Adolf Hitler.
  • A picture of Paul Wolfowitz.
  • A picture of George W. Bush.
  • Several images of hentai guro.
  • An image of a anime girl giving birth to a octopus.
  • An image of honeybees on a penis, also known as "Beecock".
  • An image of a 3D picture featuring a naked woman giving birth to puppies.
  • An image of a Japanese girl puking.
  • Various images of fat people.
  • An image of a obese woman cosplaying Wonder Woman.
  • A picture of a woman receiving intercourse from a dog.
  • Various images of bestiality and zoophilia.
  • A photoshopped image of Ronald McDonald breastfeeding a baby.
  • An image of Jeffree Star spitting out Froot Loops with milk on the floor.
  • An image of four people wearing costumes.
  • The United States of America flag.
  • Images of disgusting teeth.
  • Images of rotten toenails.
  • A picture of a deformed-like baby.
  • A picture of a middle-aged woman cosplaying a bunny.
  • A stock photo of feces.
  • A hentai image of a man with a pencil going through his stomach.
  • A picture of a woman vomiting.
  • An image of a Centaur horse receiving sex.
  • An image of a Japanese anime girl's nipples that are replaced with penises that have fecal matter coming out of them.

The bottom of the page has large text saying "It could be a lot worse." along with an image of Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons saying "Worst... picture... EVER!" within a speech bubble.

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