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Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

Reporting Un-Islamic Content is a shock article located on the website Encyclopedia Dramatica. Articles discussing Islam have a template at the top of the page that reads "Do you feel the article (said article) goes against the Sunnah of the Prophet? We are here to help! Please click here!". In spite of its peaceful wording, it tricks the viewer into clicking on one of Encyclopedia Dramatica's horrific pages, the likes of which pales in comparison to Offended or The Pain Series.

The article begins with a montage of normal Islamic-Related images. Scrolling down further reveals a collage of images containing graphic content and pornography, most of which relate in some way to either Islam or the Middle East. Said images listed here are ordered from the top left all the way to the bottom right:

Images Featured

  • A lady in a hijab, but with a swimsuit and taking off the bottom half (marking the downward spiral into the depraved images of the article).
  • Images from The Pain Series.
  • A naked lady in a hijab sitting down; her breasts and hairy vagina are exposed.
  • A Muslim lady in a hijab and a man having sex, while a third lady licks the other woman's breast.
  • A Muslim man puts his finger in a Muslim woman's mouth, meanwhile, the lady holds the man's penis.
  • A Muslim lady in a burqa having sex.
  • A naked Muslim lady in a hijab stretching out her legs.
  • A Muslim couple having oral sex.
  • A nude Muslim lady covering her face and holding pieces of the Quran on her body.
  • A nude Muslim lady in a burqa sitting on and around the Quran.
  • A Muslim woman defecating.
  • Mia Khalifa.
  • A Muslim lady with a burqa touching her butt while sitting next to the Quran.
  • A nude Muslim woman with a hijab covering her face.
  • Two Muslim men having gay sex.
  • The Goatse image.
  • The Blue Waffle image.
  • The Screamer Cactus image.
  • The Tubgirl image.
  • The Lemon Party image.
  • The Bottle Guy image.
  • The LOLTrain image.
  • The Mac User image.
  • image.
  • An edited image of with former U.S president Barack Obama.
  • A woman stretching her anus and vagina.
  • A bloody penis and rectum.
  • Rule 34 of Clash of Clans
  • A cartoon caricature portraying Muhammad as a pig, written on a Quran.
  • The Coca-Cola logo backward which supposedly reads "No Mohammed No Mecca."
  • A nude Muslim man showing his genitalia to the camera.
  • A woman shoving pages of the Quran up her anus, with text that reads "Fuck Allah" (اللعنة الله) written on her buttocks.
  • A Muslim woman destroys the Quran with her feet, then touches her genitals.
  • A Quran getting set on fire.
  • A Quran with feces and bacon on it.
  • Two nude Muslim women, one with a hijab; ISIS is written on them, and the women are sitting on the flag next to two guns.
  • A nude man with a hat touching his butt.
  • An orthodox Muslim man kissing another man.
  • A man swinging his penis around.
  • A hentai drawing of a pig having gay sex with Muhammad.
  • A man showing his rectum.
  • A man sticking his whole fist into another man.
  • More gay sex.
  • Scat photos and gifs.
  • A cartoon image of Muhammad defecating into his mouth.
  • Mutilated soldier corpses.
  • Osama Bin Laden's corpse.

After scrolling down, it shows images of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a sign saying "Welcome Zionists" and former U.S. president Donald Trump. Afterward, a text stating "We hope you enjoyed!" pops up with the Los Angeles FBI's phone number; the text then tells the viewer to "recite shahada followed by Takbir, three times" to the FBI as loudly as possible. There is also a link to the Offended page at the bottom, saying "If you have been offended by this, please click here, DO IT FAGGOT!"


Before Shocking Content

Brothers and Sisters, thank you for viewing this page for help on reporting Islamophobia and un-Islamic content. Islam is very important to us here at Encyclopædia Dramatica, and transgressions against the laws established in the Qur'an by Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَىٰ) as well as attacks and slights against Allah, the Messenger Muhammad (), other Prophets of Islam or the Muslim Community in general are taken very seriously.

Please refer to the gallery below for Naseeha content, before consulting our customer helpline. SMILE! It is Sunnah! Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَىٰ) is great and merciful!

During/After Shocking Content

NOTE: The following images contain potentially offensive content!

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Potentially Un-Islamic content.

Do you feel that the article Reporting Un-Islamic Content goes against the Sunnah
of the Prophet (ﷺ)? We are here to help! Please click here!
The template which appears at the top of every Islam-related article on the site.


NOTE: The following shock site contains extremely graphic content!

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