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Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

Scroll down for a surprise is a Shock webpage on Encyclopedia Dramatica uploaded by user Mrcommentguy on September 22, 2021. It is possible that this webpage is inspired off another shock webpage on ED called Scroll Down.

When opened, it would show text that would read:

“ Yep, you heard the title. Scroll down and get a surprise!”

“We are not responsible for any cringe that occurs in the reading of this page.”

Upon scrolling down, text would show saying stuff like “Scroll down moar.”, “SCROLL DOWN EVEN MOAR!!!”, “YOUR GETTING THERE!!!!1!1!1” and etc. When the user gets past the text “THERE”, it would show a collage of shock images similar to other shock webpages on the site.

Images featured

  • The Meatspin GIF.
  • The Goatse image.
  • The Tubgirl image.
  • Another image of Tubgirl, but in a different angle.
  • The Lemon Party image.
  • A low quality animation of Meatspin.
  • Images from
  • The Blue Waffle image.
  • The GIF from Glory Hole Foundation.
  • Images from The Pain Series.
  • A poorly drawn politician with poorly drawn text in a speech bubble next to him saying “I R HONEST!” with a disclaimer below saying “He R NOT Honest!!!”.
  • The “Whoa… that guy is offended as fuck” and the "You are eligible to live and work in the United States of America". images from Offended.

The end of the page shows the flashing rainbow text from Offended but says “DID YOU LIKE YOUR SURPRISE?” Below the rainbow text reads, “Thanks for wasting your time for just a bunch of shock images! What would you like to do next?” Below there are 4 links, one that reads “ Go back to ED Homepage” which takes you back to the homepage of ED, “That’s it? Come on, there’s gotta be more shocking stuff on here.” which takes you to the Offended page, “Go somewhere else” which takes you to a random page on the site and “Get political” which takes you to the ‘Politics’ page of the site.

After Shocking Content

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