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Scroll Below is a shock site from LOLShock, like Offended. The page begins with a text "Keep Scrolling" however, after scrolling down, it starts with the montage of gruesome images involving pornography.

Images Featured:[edit]

  • 2 guys with enlarged penises.
  • A girl with a very large penis, wrapping it around her back.
  • A naked old woman.
  • A short old man standing on some sort of table while a naked woman sucks his penis
  • A white man with his foreskin covering his penis receiving anal sex from a black man.
  • A man and a short person sexually penetrating.
  • A fat naked woman holding a crossbow.
  • A collage of the images on
  • An picture of a girl performing oral sex on a man edited so that she is playing the flute to a snake.


NOTE: The following shock site contains pornographic images!




2 months ago
Score 0++
"gruesome" *proceed to only show pornographic imagery*
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