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Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

Not to be confused with Scroll Down.

Scroll Below is a shock site created and hosted on LOLShock in 2008, in addition, it was also hosted on Shockchan.

The page contains a text instructing the user to scroll down slowly, Upon scrolling, the text tells the player to keep scrolling along with limecat and a picture depicting rabbit and a deer similar to Offended, after scrolling down for a second, at which point a montage of crudely photoshopped images that contains pornography. It is possible that this site inspired the "Offended" page on Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Images Featured

NOTE: Some of the images listed here are no longer on the site.

  • Two naked black men photoshopped to have enlarged penises.
  • A photoshopped image of a girl with a very large penis, wrapping it around her back.
  • A naked elderly woman.
  • A man inserting a long stick into the anus of a girl covered in liquid feces.
  • A short elderly man standing on some sort of table while a naked woman performs fellatio.
  • A white man with his foreskin covering his penis receiving anal sex from a black man.
  • A man and a short person sexually penetrating.
  • A fat naked woman holding a crossbow.
  • A collage of the images from
  • A image of a deformed penis.
  • An image of a man with two fish shoved up his anus. This is named "Fishermen", a shock site on YTMND.
  • A picture of a girl performing oral sex on a man edited so that she is playing a flute to a snake.
  • The Worst picture ever.
  • Untitled.jpg from The Pain Series.

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NOTE: The following shock site contains pornographic images!




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