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The following article contains content that some may find shocking.
Reader discretion is advised.
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Merry Holidays is a shock video that has been hosted on many various shock sites, and the oldest copy of all is hosted by,

The video contains a footage of an actor performing a number of sexual activities while talking to the camera. The activities include spanking his butt with a small paddle, lighting a firecracker and inserting a banana up his butt and eating it, pulling a rainbow lollipop out of his butt, doing an enema, making out on a blowup doll, and penetrating both a raw turkey and a pumpkin. At the end of the original video an onscreen text appears that reads purchase full 60min movie only $9.95. The original website has been taken down and can only be accessed using the wayback machine.

As an artwork, this piece has been shot in a home video style to appear to be the work of a deranged sexual pervert (similar to and Jarsquatter), however, the underlying themes run much deeper. The video effectively forces the viewer to consider reality through the lens of the other, providing a clue to the limits of culture as a point of departure to understand consciousness, on best shockers, the title is changed to: "Happy Holidays".

The video, in fact, came from another shock site known as


NOTE: The following shock site contains pornographic images.




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