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The following article contains content that some may find shocking.
Reader discretion is advised.

Eel Soup is a shock video created in 2008, and has been hosted on many shock sites.

The video begins with footage that appears to be recorded in an empty room. The video depicts two Japanese girls, one girl inserting a funnel into the other girl's anus. She then proceeds to puts several dozens of one-inch baby eels in the funnel, to ensure that they will all come inside her anus. After putting all of the eels inside her anus, this will cause her to fart all of the eels out of her ass before the first girl eats and sucks on the eels.

Other related-videos

The creator uploaded three related-shock videos, including Octopus Girl and Japscat, as well as ilovethefishes.

The first video depicts the same woman (who farted the eels), pressing out a living octopus out of her vagina while in a bathtub. At the end of the video, the octopus drops to the floor, dead. The second video depicts the same girl sucking on the man's penis. In the next scene, the man defecates onto her mouth, followed by the woman moaning.

The Ilovethefishes video depicts the same women from the shock video, one of them is lying down on the floor with a funnel in the anus while the other woman puts fish in the other's anus. She then licks the woman's ass and the other begins to expel the fishes along with orange liquid stools. The music from the video is from the 2007 talk show Tiny Chicken Machine Show from episode two sung by the character Kiko played by Kim Evey. The video shocked netizens, resulting in many reactions on YouTube, including youtuber Pewdiepie's reaction in his 2016 "Things You Should Never Google" video in which he reacts Ilovethefishes and to other shock videos[1]. The site in addition to the video contains the phrase "I love the fishes, cuz they're so delicious."




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