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Funnel Chair is a shock video hosted on various sites. The video starts with a man lying down on the floor wearing a mask attached to a chair with a tube and funnel. A woman then enters and uses the chair as a toilet. The man then consumes the feces expelled by the woman.

According to a sample found on the Virus Exchange Website "VirusShare", there are websites that host this video but also contain a script, which will make the website move around the screen quickly while displaying a lot of/infinite messages should the user try to exit the site. This makes it impossible to close unless you use task manager. However, these sites are now offline. Another version shows different women.


NOTE: The following shock sites contain graphic images.

  • • Version without any viruses or malicious scripts.
  • • Other version that contains the same guy with a different women, sitting on a man, expelling diarrhea on a man's mouth.
  •  • Mirror link.
  • • LOLshock mirror link.


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