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The following article contains content that some may find shocking.
Reader discretion is advised.

Funnel Chair, also called Funnel Girl, is a shock video hosted on various sites. The video starts with a man lying down on the floor wearing a mask attached to a chair with a tube and funnel. A woman then enters and uses the chair as a toilet. The man then consumes the urine and feces expelled by the woman. The video ends with the woman forcing the urine and feces down the tube with a toilet wand.

Malicious Scripts

  • In some variations of this site, the LOLShock version is a background image of the "video", and the original version features a malicious script that will attempt to move around the screen quickly while displaying multiple arrays of messages when the user tries to close the tab and a text underneath the video reads "If this offends you, then leave". These sites are now offline, except the Shockchan version, which is still active to this day. There is another version that depicts a different woman.


NOTE: The following shock sites contain graphic images!

  • Version without any malicious scripts:
  • Other version that contains the same guy with a different woman, sitting on a man, expelling diarrhea on a man's mouth:
  • Original:
  • LOLshock mirror link:

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