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This article contains content that some may find shocking.‎
Reader discretion is advised.

2 Girls 1 Finger is a shock video that has some reaction videos to it, and is somewhat known by many, The video was considered a sister to the original 2 Girls 1 Cup video, as it was on a one page website owned by the same guy that hosted infamous shock videos similar to the name of 2 Girls 1 Cup, such as 1girl1pitcher and 4girls1fingerpaint.com[1]

The video starts out with two Japanese girls vomiting into each others mouth, followed by a one girl defecating into the second's girls mouth, before cutting out into them making out with a turd inside their mouth, and the video ends with a one girl covered in vomit, with a song Yodel Hey by GMP plays.[2]

Original video (Turdgasm)[edit | edit source]

The full version of this came from the original Turdgasm website without the music, only hosted on LOLShock. While the site has existed since 2008, some altercations were made in late 2014 that not only changed what the text on the left said, but the original video was replaced with another scat-related video.

the video shown came from Japan in 1998 and it stars two Japanese women. The opening shows one of the women pulling down the other one's pants down while accordion music is playing. The camera then zooms into the woman's anus where a long stream of fecal matter is excreted followed by the two kissing each other. Then, one of them vomits in the other's mouth to which they start vomiting at the camera. In the last few moments of the video, one of them poops in the other's mouth to which they start transferring the excrement into their mouths.

In the newer edition, the video shown was produced in 2009 staring two elderly women in a living room. Similar to the previous one, the two proceed to play and consume each other's feces with similar-sounding accordion music accompanying the acts. Yet, due to the video violating YouTube guidelines, it was removed but the website's interface can still be accessed.

References[edit | edit source]

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Links[edit | edit source]

NOTE: The following video contains pornographic content!

  • shockchan.com/2-girls-1-finger/
  • web.archive.org/web/20071115163305/2girls1finger.com/

Original version[edit | edit source]

  • turdgasm.com
  • Original version: web.archive.org/web/20080828124818/turdgasm.com/

Comments[edit | edit source]

Comments[edit | edit source]


13 months ago
Score 1++
I don't honestly remember this.

Anonymous #1

13 months ago
Score 1++
I wonder what material they used for the turd and vomit.

Anonymous #2

9 months ago
Score 0++
100 percent staged and fake

Anonymous #3

8 months ago
Score 0 You
this is worse than 2g1c
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