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Special Fried Rice is a shock site showing a picture of a flesh-eaten penis. The disease is called Special Fried Rice, hence the title. It is a flesh-eating virus that infects the penis with text on this shock site saying "If you liked Special Fried Rice, then you'll love this." The title also proclaims "It's worse than Blue Waffle." There is also lyrics below the image that reads "Nacho Nacho man, I want to be a Nacho man. Recipe for love, cooking up the best Special Fried Rice in the world since..... well since I put the page up."; The "Nacho Nacho man, I want to be a Nacho man" part is a reference to The Simpsons episode 16 of season 5, "Homer Loves Flanders"; furthermore, the lyrics are based off of "Macho Man" by Village People.


NOTE: The following shock site contains a grotesque image of a flesh-eaten penis.

  • specialfriedrice.net



2 months ago
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A caller pranked Rajeev (The main character of the TSH) into looking up that website in the Tech Support Hotline, (specifically it's Episode 8 from Season 4) and the reaction was completely priceless.

Anonymous user #1

2 months ago
Score 1++
Whoever made this must be a fan of The Simpsons.
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